Mother & Baby Awards 2012 – Do you want to be a tester?

THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT  (only with my luck it’ll go about as viral as a slightly embarrassing rash)

I’m here again.  A fretful summer of organising all the product testing for the Mother & baby Awards looms ahead of me.

It’s just possible that some of you might have noticed that I didn’t do it last year.  Others won’t care…


IF you happen to live in the UK and have a baby or child under 5 (or are pregnant and about to pop in the next month or two)….


IF you happen to know anyone else who fits the criteria above?

AND SHOULD you happen to be a mum (or a dad) fitting the above criteria…

AND you fancy  applying to be a tester for this year’s Mother & Baby Awards. You might just want to  CLICK HERE?

THEN AGAIN, it’s  possible that you don’t actually want to be a tester, but what you’d ACTUALLY LIKE TO DO is to enter your own  product into the Mother & Baby Awards…

(If that’s you maybe? Then click here).

YOU MIGHT ALSO want to tweet and share this post with other people to give them a chance to apply or enter a product too?


BUT HURRY! I guess when the applications reach a ridiculously insane number then the application will close 😦

The Mother & Baby Award Winners 2010 announced.

The Mother & Baby Award Winners 2010

The winners were announced at a gala ceremony on Thursday 18th November at the Hilton Park Lane. Hosted by Jason Manford and Deputy Editor, Kathryn Blundell.

Again this year we asked over 1000 mums to put every entry in the reader-tested categories through their paces.

As Kathryn said,

“Over 3000 products were carefully parcelled and then sent nationwide to be sicked on, bashed, chucked and chewed. It really means that shortlisted products impressed the women that matter –mums. Mums, who gave the nation an extra 790,000 babies last year all of whom need to be cleaned, transported, fed, entertained, and put to bed…

Mother & Baby continues to set the standard for parenting press and is undoubtably the most influential and trusted brand, with a heritage that spans over 60 years. These fantastic awards are a vital part of Mother & Baby’s heritage – we’re so pleased to be able to reward excellence within the industry, supporting mums to support you through these accolades. Everyone shortlisted should feel so proud – these mums are a tough crowd. And don’t get me started on the toddlers…” Continue reading

Why Asda forsaken me?

SmartPrice Logo

SmartPrice Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve barely stepped into my local Asda store for years.

Probably since they put milk in the furthest corner of the store.

I suspected it was a deliberate conspiracy to have us confused and wandering bemused and lost through the maze of aisles. An employment of every imaginable trick to hold in you the place for as long as possible and prevent you from leaving with only what you carefully wrote on your shopping list. I know I’m bound to be distracted by great BOGOFF bargains and tempting 3 for 2s and quite likely to leave laden but quite forgetting to buy what I originally intended to go in there for.  The final severance with my love of Asda was the traffic queuing which can have you held up for 20 minutes in and out of the car park.

So Asda’s become the ‘inconvenience’ store as far as I’m concerned.

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Mother & Baby Awards 2010: the Shortlist is announced.

With a total of 188 brands, 538 products and 3216 product samples sent out, collating the results for the Mother and Baby Awards 2010, has been time consuming-to say the least. Each and every award category has been decided entirely by our volunteer tester mums and they have certainly been busy all this summer, putting products through their paces. Now our all important reviewers and ambassadors for parents everywhere, have produced the much awaited for shortlist of their favourites.

In response to the overwhelming level and quality of entries this year, we decided to split some of the larger categories to make more award categories. We have gone from 24 tested categories 2 years ago, to 30 last year and now to 33. You’ll see these extra additional awards as marked as *NEW* if you think that they look unfamiliar.

Plus one, judged by a panel at Mother & Baby for ‘Best New Innovation’. A product which we think is new, brilliant, a refreshing change and will make a difference to the lives of parents today.

Congratulations to every single brand that has impressed our mummy testers and is in the running for an award.

The winners will be announced on the night at a Gala Awards ceremony on Thursday 18th November at the Hilton Park Lane. Continue reading

Olay Total Effects Wake up Wonder 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing

I was a very willing volunteer to review Olay’s new moisturiser Total Effects Wake up Wonder. At my stage of life I need as much waking up (apart from being poked with a sharp stick or being administered cups of tea via an intravenous drip) as I can possibly get.

Curiously, when you read through the ingredients contained in Olay’s magic 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing formula, you’ll come away no wiser since it is obviously not there for enlightenment. The print is tiny and the science-speak language too obscure for mere mortals, however I make out Camelia Sinensis (that’s the tea plant) Leaf Extract.  I suppose that absorbing a tea fix through the pores makes a kind of connective sense to me.

I’m already digressing. So does it work? Or your money back guarantee. Continue reading

BG, Baby.

Anna Telling and her daughter, Abigail, offer a bit of reusable advice…

“My sisters and I were brought up in terry toweling nappies.

I knew when I had children that I had no problem in doing the same for my children, no disposables for me. However, researching what to do when pregnant opened up a minefield. It took a long time to grasp exactly how these clever reusables worked (we’d decided to opt for next generation on from terries).

I scrolled through many, many not necessarily, user-friendly reusable nappy websites. A lot assumed prior knowledge and talk of outer liners, inner liners, wraps, bamboo, cotton and so on were frustratingly inaccessible. I knew that I didn’t want to have a nappy that added more work to my soon to be new Mum life and looked for the most straightforward design. The bumgenius nappies> came up time and time again as the most simple, logical design.

Three things convinced me: Continue reading

M&B Awards blog: Clean babies and Bath Time products

I’ve been sent some lovely pictures of babies testing some of the bath time products for 2010 Mother & Baby Awards with a few product reviews in this category. Which are too cute not to share.

Genna said her daughter, Brooke, loved the Tesco Jungle towel and Claire sent me a picture of her daughter, Chloe:

“I am testing the Clevamama Baby Bath towel which I think needs a mention. This is by far the best bath towel I have used on my baby.  It is huge for a start; so when you little one gets longer it still covers from top to toe.  The neck fasteners allow you to pick up any slippery baby from the bath with two hands and also protecting yourself from most of the contents of the bath that always follow.  I wish I had bought one earlier and would definitely recommend it to others.”

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