Vampish tips.

I’m having an odd experience here at the keyboard. It appears that someone else’s fingers are doing the typing. The hands that tap and flit before me have shiny red tips that belong to the very glamorous. My own nails, the last time I gave them a cursory glance, were hard-worn, chipped and uneven.

It so happens that us girls generally sit in two camps. As if there was invisible dividing lines between those who’ve had certain experiences and those who have not. From childbirth, which is huge, to the seemingly most trivial. I’ll dare to admit that even first waxings, eyebrow plucking, hair-colouring moments have felt like mini rites of passage. After you’ve sat in both camps and passed from one to the other, you never quite relate to the old self again. How could I have thought that having children would spoil my fun or that an interest in making myself look and feel better was just silly vanity?

I’ve just had a proper nail manicure – the first in my life as it happens and, frivolous though sounds, there was a tiny life changing moment even in this. Continue reading

Is summer here or is this just a rehearsal?



Sometimes you have to pinch yourself: is it really only April?

The weather has been so brilliant for the past few weeks and I’ve been peeling off the layers. I started going out without a coat, gradually my extra layers have got thinner and lighter. Before long I was down to just shirt sleeves and today, the sun felt so warm in the garden that I gave into it completely. I was down to my shorts and vest top all afternoon while I worked in the garden.

I hadn’t really planned to spend so long in the sun, and it’s early April, so I thinking about sun-protection is not yet on my radar… but after 3 hours I can feel the slight burn on my cheeks and shoulders.

My ‘little ones’ are now ‘bigger ones’. They’d rather work on their pallid complexions all day, as play stations and computers hold a greater hold on them nowadays than the great outdoors. However, when they were little, the first sign of any sun and they shed clothes faster than leaves come off trees in autumn gales and run around the garden butt naked.

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Olay Total Effects Wake up Wonder 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing

I was a very willing volunteer to review Olay’s new moisturiser Total Effects Wake up Wonder. At my stage of life I need as much waking up (apart from being poked with a sharp stick or being administered cups of tea via an intravenous drip) as I can possibly get.

Curiously, when you read through the ingredients contained in Olay’s magic 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing formula, you’ll come away no wiser since it is obviously not there for enlightenment. The print is tiny and the science-speak language too obscure for mere mortals, however I make out Camelia Sinensis (that’s the tea plant) Leaf Extract.  I suppose that absorbing a tea fix through the pores makes a kind of connective sense to me.

I’m already digressing. So does it work? Or your money back guarantee. Continue reading