Who is FishWifey?

TRUTHFUL (adj) Telling or habitually expressing the truth; sincere, true and trustworthy, honest or candid.  Realistic. 

CRITICAL (adj) Pertaining to and containing careful, discerning or analytical evaluations. CRITICALLY (adv) Seriously needed;  crucial, urgent and decisive. 

Sometimes it’s best to tell it as it is.

To be Critically Truthful…about how to make your business stand above your competitors. So in the end its your customers that give your business its Critical Acclaim. 

FishWifey is both honest friend and trumpet blower.  Showing you how to promote your business better but can also pinpoint the weaknesses in a plan. Because to fluff it, sugarcoat or pretend it doesn’t really matter all that much, won’t eradicate what may stop you from succeeding and your business reaching its full potential.

Maybe it’s because you haven’t thought about walking in your customer’s shoes? Or  you haven’t quite got your marketing channels quite right. Sometimes you’re just not speaking the right language or making your product sound as good as you know it is…

Because in business, if you can’t bear to know why your customers aren’t flocking to your door, perhaps you don’t deserve their business?


FishWifey is your crucial conscious who will ask you the questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself.

It might be just enough to make you see differently, think differently, and form that crucial customer focused point of view….

It might be more about seeking answers and searching for achievable solutions…

It might be about finding a comprehensive and genuine voice and putting the tools in place to communicate…

Or maybe in just writing fresh lines of original text?

FishWifey is honest, practical, supportive and constructively critical where it really matters.

Helping you enhance your business to customer communication through print, web and social media; and in a myriad of other practical and practised  solutions.


If you like to get in touch, but only for nice reasons, please send me a tweet at @Fishwifemark2 or contact me via the link to my email here


FishWifey Ltd.  [Trehendra, Court Gardens, St. Austell, Cornwall, PL25 5BL]. 
Company Registration Number:  0902 1408




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