Two Weddings

Into the Archives. Two weddings, 70 years apart. My own and my grandparents.

A captured moment in time. Similarly informal, each featuring an additional small infant.  Symbolic portents of our own personal contributions to a growing world population. Even my rose bouquet, long veil and the length of my wedding dress is not dissimilar from my grandmother’s. My husband’s cravat, waistcoat, and tails is not unlike my grandfather’s.

I’m always amazed  that Grandpa, who was born in 1888, would have remembered Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. He’d have been about the same age as my own children who witnessing our present Queen’s Diamond celebrations. My own lifetime already reaches into 115 years of tangible memory.

Delving into the archives reminds us that no matter how much the era may be very different, there are threads that bind us and we still build our memories marked by weddings, jubilees and anniversaries in very similar ways.

Granny and GrandpaWedding

2 thoughts on “Two Weddings

  1. O wow! There are similarities between these two photos that are quite amazing! Apart from what you have mentioned, your husband’s hair seems similar to your grandfather’s! A great post!

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