Hub ‘Burger’ Box

Yesterday,  I had a burger with chips for lunch.

I doubt you are really interested to know that, but you should. You should sit up and take notice and not be too slack about it either.  For this burger was Damn Good.

You may be familiar with the Hub Bar & Kitchen on the St.Ives Harbour Front; I confess I’m not. But as a way of celebrating their 10th year, restaurateur Richard Boon decided it would be a  a 30 ft shipping container and then had it fully customised and professionally converted into a mini-restaurant. Three weeks from a dockside in Liverpool to Lemon Quay in Truro.

A8Szo1qCQAADYG7.jpg_largeRichard says he’d love to be able to map the epic journeys this box has taken around the globe becoming a rectangular ‘burger box’ right outside M&S. “They have serial numbers so in theory it’s possible to do.” I would certainly be a neat full circle when it comes to discussing food miles.

There’s a choice of ‘eat in’ where you can either squeeze socially into one of three tables inside the box, or opt for more elbow room outside. Or you can ‘take out’.

The Menu , overseen by Hub Head chef Alex Towill includes hand-made burgers made from the beef from Warrens Butcher in Launceston who supply beef to Michelin starred restaurants from Chris Eden at the Driftwood in Porthscatho to Brett Graham at The Ledbury in London. No wonder it tasted so Damn Good.

Proper chips with skins on, cheeseburgers with Cornish Blue, hot dogs, pulled pork, Falafels or crispy mackerel. It’s eat-with-your-hands-food to enjoy with cold Cornish craft beers and larger or local pressed apple juice… and if that’s not enough the value of the food is amazing. My OH and I came away stuffed and happy on meals that cost very little in relation to the quality.

The Big Kahuna / two burgers, BBQ Pulled Pork, Swiss Cheese and Onion Rings with chips cost £7.95, The Mack Daddy / Crispy Mackerel, Beetroot Jam and Horseradish Mayo £5.95  and a classic burger is only £4.95.

I said, don’t be too slack if you thought it would be nice to pop by and take a look at this new pop-up eatery, for the Hub Box will only be in situ for the next 12 weeks.

‘The plan is to make Hub and Hub-Box concept the number 1 name in burgers and ribs,” says Richard and he hopes that Hub-Boxes will be popping up at major events and locations in Cornwall and across the South West.

Follow the Hub Box progress ate @hubstives or on Facebook stiveshub.


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One thought on “Hub ‘Burger’ Box

  1. Reblogged this on Eating Exeter and commented:
    Hub-Box has is just about to open officially. But where did it all start? Jessica Milln had a burger at Hub-Box in St Ives, and wrote about it. Good article about the background of this intriguing addition to Sidwell Street.

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