Wrapped in Seasalt

Nope, this isn’t  something culinary. Salting something to draw out water and improve flavour although it is easy to be confused.

Seasalt in this instance is Cornwall’s (and mine) favourite clothing brand.  I’ve a Seasalt coat and collected of many shirts, t-shirts and woollen knits from Seasalt’s earliest beginnings. The flattery is mutual apparently as I’m told: “We’re a massive fan of FishWifey blog here at Seasalt” which was the best invitation I’ve ever had to review one of their newest products.   

Seasalt have  been designing and selling their own line of clothing since 2003 and were the first fashion company to use Soil Association certified cotton in their clothing and accessories.

I only have one tiny complaint with Seasalt – or more my boys do – their children’s clothing only goes up to age 8 years. So apart from dressing them in ladies size 8 from time to time, my 14 year old has just taken to dressing himself (with added cats and dog) in this  super luxurious 100% lambswool blanket  that Seasalt have sent me to enjoy!

I had to resort to sneaking Seasalt’s gorgeous blue Jacquard design back from his room while he was at school today. Now there’s wintry chill in the air, I’m rather glad to have covertly and discreetly wrapped this blanket across my knees under my desk as I type. The Topsy blanket is, for want of a better way to describe it, a Cornish nautical twist on a traditional Scandinavian pattern. He came down looking for it, but I shrugged my shoulders saying that the pixies must have run off with it….It is certainly very warm and I’d now rather be cuddled up and sleepy on the sofa .

I’ve attached images of the blankets  here – all are priced at £75.00 and are available at any one of Seasalt’s 13 shops across the Southwest or available online at www.seasaltcornwall.co.uk

Being a Cornish success story is something Seasalt is very proud of and quite naturally they design garments that are inspired by  Cornish sea.

Do let me know your thoughts. Are you a Seasalt fan and what’s you favourite?

One thought on “Wrapped in Seasalt

  1. Just read this. I love seasalt clothing,I live in Surrey uuugggghhh would so love to move to Cornwall but husbands 70 now I’m only 56 so maybe we have left it to late. Children grown up but one 27 yr old still at home! Anyway beck to Seasalt, it’s very my kind of look I don’t want to look like mutton dressed etc. it’s great quality, washes and wears well. Most of all it makes me feel HAPPY, and that’s got to be a good thing.

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