Cornish bratwurst sausage? Wir scherzen nicht mit den Deutschen.

It was a tweet that first caught my eye, when Kernow Sausages teamed up with Skinner’s Brewery to make a special Betty Stogs sausage.  

From that first bite, having tracked this curious sounding sausage down, I found myself a fan of the Kernow Sausage and their many flavours. Gavin Roberts is the most enthusiastic sausage maker I have ever met.

Here is their latest news via Barefoot Media:

An award-winning meat producer has collaborated with a top chef to create the first Cornish bratwurst sausage for events catering.

The special sausage was created by pork connoisseur Gavin Roberts of The Kernow Sausage Company, specialist producers of sausages and other pork products, based on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall.

The collaboration came about after a request from Neil Haydock, executive chef at Watergate Bay Hotel, who was looking for a special occasion sausage to serve at large events.

Bratwurst sausages originate from Germany and are known for their size and lightness of texture. Traditionally they are served in a bread roll with sauerkraut and mustard, and typically washed down with beer. They lend themselves well to events where people are eating and drinking on the go.

Gavin Roberts, owner of Kernow Sausage Company said: “Neil is one of those chefs who is always looking for something a bit different, something that isn’t generally available off the shelf.

“We got talking about sausages and in particular bratwurst, and basically I’m not one to be beaten by a challenge so I thought right, I’m going to offer you the best bratwurst that you can get hold of.”

The Watergate Bay bratwurst made its debut at the Electric Beach Festival in July. The festival saw over 3,000 revellers take to the golden sands of this famous surfing beach to enjoy music from hip hop stars De La Soul and support act The Nextmen.

The sausage received rave reviews and was recently served again at the Veuve Clicquot Polo on the Beach event in September.

Neil Haydock, the executive chef from Watergate Bay Hotel said: “We really like working with Gavin because he provides fantastic sausages and bacon and at the same time is innovative and creative in his approach.

“I wanted to create something special for events here. I’ve always remembered bratwurst sausages from my childhood as being oversized and really tasty so I decided Watergate should have their own version. Luckily Gavin got it right first time and it went down really well.”

Gavin began the process with some thorough research into the production techniques and ingredients that make the definitive bratwurst.

Gavin said: “As comical as the sausage is to some people, we’re very serious about what we do. Much like traditional British sausages there are many different types of bratwurst and so I simply let myself be led by common influences.

“I think one of the things that makes The Kernow Sausgage Company unique is our ability to be able to develop products to specification. It’s a good example of what sets us apart from your regular meat wholesaler.”

Gavin has run the family-owned Kernow Sausage Company for the last five years and has worked closely with other chefs on numerous collaborations including a hog’s pudding recipe with Chris Eden from the Michelin-starred Driftwood Hotel near Portscatho.

The Kernow Sausage Company pride themselves on using the finest pork from happy pigs  with recipes that have been passed down through the generations from Gavin’s grandmother.

The specially created bratwurst last week picked up a Silver award at the South West British Pig Executive (BPEX) regional awards. BPEX holds the awards each year to recognise pork manufacturers who meet specific quality criteria in various areas of the product including taste, innovation and visual appearance.

The recommended retail price for a pack of four bratwurst sausages (454g) is £3.19. For more information on trade pricing email: or phone 01872 531 888.

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