First taste with the eyes.

Sadly, I am no food photographer. I wish I was.

This is something I ate in a restaurant. The wonderful Porthminster Cafe in St. Ives no less. I took a picture because I wanted to be reminded of how I was so looking forward to tucking in. The aroma was amazing. The flavour – from what I remember – was hot, spicy and delicious.

I looked at this picture the other day and thought it looked about as appetising as a bowl of worms.

My husband had this as a starter:

He was curious to know what venison tartar and parmesan ice cream would taste like. It’s garnished with edible foraged fare form the local hedgerow. Frankly, it looks more like a pounced up bit of dog turd!

It got me thinking. Does this look good?

It’s a loaf of sourdough bread I made myself.

Or this?

My son’s chocolate cake.

I love food. Flavour, texture and smells of cooking arouse my interest more than anything…

But it takes a genius photographer to capture images of food that really makes you salivate.

3 thoughts on “First taste with the eyes.

  1. You hear all kinds of tricks that food photographers use. My ‘favourite’ was hearing how some photographers saturate a tampon in boiling water and stick it under the rim on the plate so all you can see in the photo is the steam rising as if from the ‘hot’ food. The bread does look amazing.

    • I’ll remember the tampon trick next time I’m thinking of a capturing my next hot meal on camera.

      So do you fancy a slice of my bread? I just now have a new loaf out of the oven 🙂

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