Let the testing begin!

I’ve sworn all my mummy testers for the Mother & Baby  Awards 2012 to secrecy about what brands they are testing.  They’ve pledged their dedication to the task. However containing her excitement was too much for one. I hope there will be more testing anecdotes to follow this one shortly.

Over to you Rebecca C…

I was still on a huge high from being chosen to be a tester in the category of Lightweight Pushchair/Stroller for the M&B awards when the first email regarding delivery came through!

Excited at the thought of the NEW pushchair arriving,  I couldn’t resist doing some research on this one and the others that would be coming soon.

The other thing I need to do was choose which of my lucky friends would be testing with me, this was a hard job, as for any mum no matter how many children or pushchairs you have had nothing beats ANOTHER new one!! Isn’t that why mums go on to have another baby just to be able to have the excuse to buy a new pushchair?! I certainly put myself in the box of a buggyoholic.  I love them and would need all my fingers and toes just to count how many I have had, and that’s just with having had one child!

My list was drawn up and I created a private FB event to keep everyone posted on which ones we were getting, the delivery dates and times to swap, plus chase up those all important online reviews!

A little over 24 hours from the email popping in my inbox it arrived…the smell as I unpacked it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end….the click of fitting the wheels…removing the protective packing was finger tingling!!

Having assembled it, I began checking it out..change bag, rain cover, swivel wheels…pushing it empty around the lounge. I let my daughter sit in it…she gave it the thumbs up for comfort.

I now need to deliver it to the first lucky friend and wait for the next email to drop into my inbox, for details of the delivery of another finger tingling moment!!

I look forward to keeping you posted about the good and bad moments of testing, maybe some photos to follow!

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