The best baby sleep aid?

I’m back in the thick of it, even though I’d said I’d had enough.

I’m back in my twilight  alter-ego of co-ordinating the Mother & Baby Awards.

Who’d have thought that down in the depths of sleepy Cornwall, between sorting the laundry and making kids tea, (I’m spinning a half-true scene of rural domesticity) there’s a power-crazy middle-aged woman masterminding the UK wide testing of nappies and baby wipes? Me, between sending out instructions to overnight dispatch travel systems to Cardiff, Enniskillen, Colchester and Birmingham; matching women with cracked nipples to nipple creams, baby bums to nappy rash emollients and 6 month old babies to their first tastes of solid food, is trying to get kids off to school, coax a teenager out of bed, or letting the damn ‘can’t make his mind up’ cat out and then in again, then out again…

A few years ago I invented a new awards category, I like to think it was my gift to new parents: The Best Baby Sleep Aid Award (0-3mths). Because…. ssshhh, don’t wake the baby! I bet if you’re a parent then you know only too well, even if you’ve never dared to admit it, what that gorgeous new baby and self deprivation can do to you?

Here’s one such parent who is evidentially right in the thick of it!

5 thoughts on “The best baby sleep aid?

  1. I really feel for you, I remember getting confused sorting who was having which buggy next when I did a group of 6 so cant imagine the stress your going through! Your cat sounds like mine, he wont come in until the kids are either at school or in bed and has even got me to let him in the back door so he can then walk through the house and make me let him out the front

    • Cats eh?! Mine sleeps on my side of the bed when my husband is home so I have to curl my legs around him. I haven’t the heart to push him off. And when the OH is away for a month at work and I could do with a little cat company he won’t come any where near me.

  2. Hi,
    We are glad you are back arranging the awards. We missed you last year. I am up once again with my 7 month old son. He seems to wake every hour. It would be great to see some of the products and winner for the sleep aid product for 0-3 months. Might help. Night Night. Sleep Tight. X

  3. What a fab category, I am thrilled to be a newborn sleep aid tester and I’m sure 8wk Alex is going to enjoy every minute. Can’t wait to share with you all some of the products and of course the big reveal of the winners. 🙂 sweet dream, or atleast I hope. X

  4. I’m testing sleep aids too, glad little ones cribis big enough to fit her and all the goodies in, each parcel that comes is like Christmas 🙂

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