Look at me. I’ve got an iPad


Very personable hospital toilet door.

So, here I am. Writing a blog post on an iPad. My problem is how to construct thoughts and master, what for me, is new and novel technology.

The thing is I’ve nothing in particular to say. How can I describe my present circumstances in a way that is worthy of reading?

I’m bored.

There are other things that I would like to be doing. One of which is to sort out the fact that since someone hacked into my email account, I can no longer send or receive emails. For all I know, my friends and relations are sending money to some fraudster who has told them all I am marooned and penniless in Manila….

I guess that’s life for you.

Last week was dull, uneventful and the small frustrations were really down to my being tired and middle-aged and less than normally tolerant. This week it is all go. Yesterday, having got up early to see the youngest offspring off on a school trip to London, I was enjoying a tour of the brewery and having lunch with a TV celebrity that alas I didn’t recognise. In the afternoon I was presenting the launch of a historic building’s restoration and improvement fund. Today I am sitting at the hospital bedside of my eldest son. They are trying to work out if, his fainting this morning were seizures. So, far it seems unlikely, it doesn’t explain why every time he stands up, his blood pressure plummets and he goes suddenly pale and clammy and begins to faint.

So what to do now?

The little hairy dog is shut inside. I hope she is still crossing her legs and hasn’t left dog wee and mess all over the place. Psychologically she’ll be distraught and suffering with abandonment issues. She’ll require a whole evening spent curled on my lap to get over it.

And then there’s another child to collect from school and look after. Bad timing that this should coincide when the OH is away….


Fantastic space alien mural on my son’s hospital room

However, an iPad, I’m rapidly discovering is a marvellous thing. Here’s some of the pictures I took inside his room. And an app for Sudoku kept me fairly well amused.

*It is now two days on…

Back home and all the kids are well.  The dog didn’t do anything unmentionable while she was shut indoors all day, after many frustrating hours I got my email account back again – although my e-mails for two days have gone into a black hole somewhere –  and the OH (hurray) was able to get an early flight home on the excuse of a family crisis. I’m wondering what the weekend will bring.

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