Top five wishes for my children

This is a new one for me. I’m following Kate Takes 5’s listography. 

It got me thinking. My list is probably quite different to many others and possibly different to the one I might have written 10 years ago. My three boys are just now teetering on the edge. They are still my lovely boys but, with the wave of testosterone that is about to invade every fibre, pore, and nook and cranny in this household….I fear I’ll only feel as close to them again once they’ve re-emerged from their knuckle-dragging, grunting teenage years into hairy, sweating, albeit gorgeous young men.

So, what would I wish for them?

1. A sense of humour. If you want to get through life, especially any miserable, heart breaking relationships ahead of them, it’s best to be able to find something laughable about it afterwards.

2. A positive attitude. Even when you don’t really believe it. Having a ‘can-do’ attitude normally is the best way to win friends and influence people.

3. To be a good husband / partner. I’d rather like it if they stood out from every other bloke in this respect. Any lucky girl who winds up with one my boys, I hope, will thanks her lucky stars!

4. To be rich in life. Rich as in experiences, friendships, a connection with humanity etc. But if they also happen to be rich enough to keep their old mother in luxury and comfort for the rest of her days… much the better 😉

5. To find the place that they will be happy, always. Enough said.

One thought on “Top five wishes for my children

  1. I agree, I think mine would be very different 10years ago, well I didn’t have children for a start. My wishes would be 1. to have courage and confidence and never be afraid to try something once. 2. happiness 3. (like you) a sense of humour 4. respect for themselves and others, be proud of who you are, oh and to have manners and my number 5. is to Love, love their siblings, family, and friends

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