Guess where?

Gorgeous weather, gorgeous beach at the start of the Easter holidays 🙂

It was a quite a tricky climb down but definitely worth it.

Anyone want to make a stab at where it might be?

Pednvounder Beach , West Cornwall

For me it’s only 40 miles from home and I’d never been here before. The closest I’d got was a tantalising view of this beach from the Minack Theatre  above Porthcurno.

…And, having made it all the way down here – when visiting some friends – we thought it a pity not to have brought my bathers (although my son couldn’t resist a chilly, early season dip).

However, we later discovered it’s an unofficial nudist beach :-0

8 thoughts on “Guess where?

  1. Bedruthan Steps. Those steps gave our Mother palpitations when we were kids. Then they were closed for many years.

  2. I have absolutely no idea, I live a little further North in Wiltshire, not looking as pretty as that though, how tranquil, looks like somewhere I’d like to go to get away from everything 😀

  3. I was there myself over Easter – walked the coast path from St Levan to Penberth. Amazing. Did you try to push the Logan Rock? My mother-in-law kept her eyes peeled for nudists, but I think it was still a bit fresh for them 😉

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