Mother & Baby Awards 2012 – Do you want to be a tester?

THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT  (only with my luck it’ll go about as viral as a slightly embarrassing rash)

I’m here again.  A fretful summer of organising all the product testing for the Mother & baby Awards looms ahead of me.

It’s just possible that some of you might have noticed that I didn’t do it last year.  Others won’t care…


IF you happen to live in the UK and have a baby or child under 5 (or are pregnant and about to pop in the next month or two)….


IF you happen to know anyone else who fits the criteria above?

AND SHOULD you happen to be a mum (or a dad) fitting the above criteria…

AND you fancy  applying to be a tester for this year’s Mother & Baby Awards. You might just want to  CLICK HERE?

THEN AGAIN, it’s  possible that you don’t actually want to be a tester, but what you’d ACTUALLY LIKE TO DO is to enter your own  product into the Mother & Baby Awards…

(If that’s you maybe? Then click here).

YOU MIGHT ALSO want to tweet and share this post with other people to give them a chance to apply or enter a product too?


BUT HURRY! I guess when the applications reach a ridiculously insane number then the application will close 😦

13 thoughts on “Mother & Baby Awards 2012 – Do you want to be a tester?

  1. Hi Jessica, I hope that we can test and make it slightly less fretful for you…..! I applied a week or so ago and have circulated the link to my “baby friends” and with it on your blog I am sure you will (as always) be swamped with applicants. It has been the highlight of my summer the last 2years as with a student husband we have been holidaying “at home!”
    Best of luck with it, hope we can help.
    Glenda, Mia and Jonny x

  2. WOW can’t believe you came back Jessica 😀 Good to see you, I didn’t get picked last year and this is my last hope (unless my husband finally gives in to another baby) so I shall get my booty over to sign up now 😀 Hope I get picked for you again, we had a blast last time 😀


  3. I have applied for what will definitly be my last chance, no more babies for me until I’m a grandmother!
    Would love to test out the later stage carseats, it’s sounds a little sad but me and my group all got so excited when we tested a couple of years ago and I know they’d be up for it again.
    I’ve sent the link to some friends & family that have become mums this year.
    Good luck and hope it all runs smoothly for you

  4. Thank You Jessica.
    Have applied this year. I was one of the lucky ones in 2010 and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t luckyenough to be chosen last year.
    I now have another new born son, so hopefully we can help you test out the products this year with my son and daughter. I would love to test out the isofix group 1 carseats with my 2 year old daughter if this will help you. Look forward to hearing from you.
    I have passed this onto my friends so they can also the pleasure of testing for you with their newborns this year

  5. Hello, I was lucky enough to test a few bits and bobs last year and had loads of coffee mornings/days out with the girls testing a range of products. My little man is now 9 months old so a whole new range of products could be tested and as you know the older they get they can certainly put products through the mill.

    Good luck ladies, hopefully we will be some of the chosen few xx

  6. Hi Jessica – I hope the organising is going well and that lots of fab products have been submitted, I was just wondering when we find out if we have been selected this year, I am far too excited at the prospect of testing again, the bouncy chairs we tested in 2010 are still happily circulating around friends babies (I still feel bad about not raving about the Beaba bouncer as that is the most sought after by far from the bouncy chair “pool!”)

  7. Hi, I’d love to be a product tester. Can’t click on the link above though? I have a 5 month old daughter. And loads of friends with kids too.


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