Shiny new kitchen….

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New house, new kitchen, new fancy steam oven that I’m trying to get to grips with…

So, I’ve given up evening telly-watching for evening oven-watching and showing off baking goodies.

Bite-size pizzas, grissini bread sticks to impress my friends. Sourdough loaves to feed the family and Cornish Ginger Fairings to celebrate the patron saint of Cornwall yesterday. “Happy St. Piran’s day” actually managed to trend on twitter above the likes of British Pie Week!

Happy me, for I’ve never had space in my old kitchen to cook like this before 🙂

3 thoughts on “Shiny new kitchen….

  1. Sounds Fantastic! About to start remodeling my kitchen in next few few weeks 🙂 Going for a giant range instead of steam oven though!

  2. I agree about bending down to look in ovens – so much nicer when they are up high (not to mention safer with the children) BUT having said all that I would love an aga, there is nothing like leaning against one with a cup of tea and a piece of aga toast!

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