From slumber…

It might have looked as if I’ve gone to ground, lost interest in this blogging lark….

Truth is, I had.

I’ve  been moving (if you needed to know) from one home to another, and  the past couple of months have been spent in the throes of completing a new house and then moving a lifetime of stuff, fluff, dust, dirt and 3 kids.  I’d no idea how it would become the all consuming, overwhelming focus of all my energies.

I’ve fallen out with City Link, CarpetRight and BT over the course… and have wanted to blog my frustration but that would be boring to dwell on the gripes (i.e. not my style).

However, I’ve had lovely builders (Hat Construction) and  architect (Daniel Wallis) who have been a joy. Also pleasantly surprised by the value of Bathstore,  and discovered a great company in Simply Bamboo for flooring.

Once BT have me back on-line (big grumble there) in the new office – rather suffering in the icy blast of the old – plus, trying to get used to new vari-focal glasses which play havoc with trying to edit the typos. I’ll be back to resume normal service as soon as possible…

I’d just like to thank Origin Coffee and Roddas for fortifying my renewed energy today…

I’ve even agreed to go back to organising the testing for Mother & Baby. Although, I’ll probably hit myself round the head for that one later!

4 thoughts on “From slumber…

  1. Well done on your move, time to start making “new home” memories! When I started reading your email I thought – move house, have a baby or will Jessica have been called back to her other baby – and you have!! I’m sure the mother and baby awards will love having you back again, good luck with the adventures of 2012 x

  2. Wishing you well in your new home 🙂 we just moved too, not something I want to do again in a hurry!! Great news you are back at M&B…disaster without you!! Chloe is now 3…are there and catergaries I could test for???

  3. I never thought I see the day you agreed to do the M&B awards again, I guess they couldnt do it without you! Shame Oli is nearly 4 or I could apply to be a tester again, definitly not planning anymore of my own kids. Maybe when I start childminding I can apply then cause It was so much fun

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