Centrepoint ‘More than a Gift’

Centrepoint relaunches ‘More than a Gift’ to support growing numbers of homeless this Christmas

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Last Christmas, the number of people experiencing homelessness in the UK jumped by 15 per cent from the previous year, and more than a third of this increase was made up of young people between the ages of 16 and 24.

This year, Centrepoint – the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people – is urging others to support those who will find themselves in this difficult and often frightening situation by purchasing a gift for a homeless young person from its new ‘More than a Gift’ site: www.centrepointgifts.org.uk

Centrepoint has now launched its ‘More than a Gift’ website for 2011 with a number of new gift options to choose from, either for or on behalf of a loved one this Christmas.

You can help Centrepoint to ensure a merry Christmas for all with ‘virtual presents’ that will mean that a real difference can be made to the young and homeless. From as little as £5, you could give a meal; a book; a bed for the night and so much more to those in need.

The gifts available cater for any kind of donation:

More than a meal – £5
A hot meal donated by a supporter of our charity may be the first thing they have tasted in a long time. No other food in the world tastes as good as Centrepoint’s more than a meal.

More than a gift under a tree – £10
We’ll find a suitable present and put it under the tree in time for Christmas morning.  But it’s more than a Christmas gift: It’s a chance to celebrate the day with friends and peers too.

More than a chance to freshen up – £15
One of the greatest gifts a homeless young person can receive is the chance to get clean, to wash the street off them. When you buy this gift to donate to a homeless young person, you donate the beginnings of a fresh start.

More than books – £20
For a homeless young person at Centrepoint, a gift of more than books equates to a chance to thrive. It’s a gift that paves the way to a future. It is, quite simply, a lifeline.

More than a bed for the night – £31
For a homeless young person who’s been living on the streets, the gift of a bed with clean sheets for the night could be the best night’s sleep they’ve had in a long time.  It’s the best bed in the world, ever.

More than an emergency kit – £75
By donating this gift, you can help us provide them with a hot meal, a toiletry kit and towel, safe bed with clean sheets for the night, as well as support to ensure they can start to put their life back on track. We call it an emergency kit – but it’s much more.

More than a room – £144
A gift of more than a room at Centrepoint will not only give a homeless young person a warm, safe room for up to two years, it will provide counselling, training, careers advice and much more. Few donations could be more important.

But the difference any of these will make is priceless.

You can also purchase gift boxes that could give those who receive it a whole package of the support they need for a fresh start. Not only that, but you will also be sent a personalised e-card for your friends and family detailing your donation with your message.

So during this time of giving, spare a thought for those who don’t know where to turn and head to www.centrepointgifts.org.uk and change someone’s life today.

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