As seen on TV

In case you missed it, here is Gareth Malone‘s Big Choir of 2,000 across Britain performing simultaneously on the Children in Need broadcast.

I say performing, as not all 2,000 were singing. My son, since he can’t speak let alone sing, was signing. I’d like to add that he really enjoyed himself; so thank you to the BBC and Children in Need who gave him the chance to take part.

It’s important to remember (even if the performance was as harmonious as the other choirs) that the taking part for a ‘special needs’ children such as my own is as amazing as is the money raised 🙂

The Eden Project is a fantastic venue for many things, but maybe not for a choir.  I was hoping to get a good view, give him a wave and the thumbs up so that he knew I was supporting him. If you look at all the other choirs, performing in well-lit spaces where the camera can pull back and get the whole choir in shot you can imagine the live audience has this view too. However, the Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project  is  jam-packed with lovely trees and shrubs (as a garden should be) and the only glimpse I could get  was of the back of his head if I crouched low enough to see under the green foliage that you can see here in this screen shot. However, thanks to similar wonders of technology that could enable a video link up to enable 10 separate choirs to sing together as a whole on Friday 18th November at 8.30pm. I was also able to record the whole thing on my TV at home to see it all when we got home.

So the view that you have of my son on TV is just as I saw him. And that was my teary proud mummy moment too.

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