If only I’d seen what a year of blogging would do to me.

I started this blog because I wanted to learn more about ‘blogging’… 

Because, I’m not someone to dismiss a thing unless I’ve given it a go…however, I’m immensely tight-lipped about my own life.  The shitey fact I’m now 47 and feeling reluctantly middle-aged, and that my mother has dementia.  So, the mere idea of revealing bits and pieces of who I am , what digs, little life experiences and what I think has been mostly veiled under ironic references and satire.  Most difficult of all is referring to my children. I managed to create a special post for number 2 and number 3 as celebrations of their individuality, but my first born I’ve still only hinted about. How to I make a post funny, touching, but not ‘poor me’ when talking about his disabilities which frankly make me feel pretty bleak if I give myself time to dwell on them?

That, and I thought it would be a good idea to give the ‘mum’ testing for the Mother & Baby Awards a bit more of a personal dimension.

Then surprisingly I discover I’ve been nominated in the MAD Blog awards for UK parent blogs. It took me a while to find which category: Most Inspiring Blog apparently. Thank you to whoever nominated me, you are too kind. Of course, what should have done is begged for more nominations but I forgot and failed in self-promotion. Too late now 😦

However, I’m no longer coordinating the testing for the M&B awards – that particularly chapter is now behind me. The irony though is that my blog would probably barely get read at all if it wasn’t for the various ‘awards’ posts I made of which my most read post (posted last November) has had over 4,500 views to date and still averages more than 20 views per day. I know that’s not going to happen again.

And, I never anticipated the ‘review thing’. The fact that PR companies (completely out of the blue) offer to send stuff to review. In my head, I’m happy to do so. Trying products I wouldn’t have ever tried is intriguing, I’m flattered to be asked – it’s as if my opinion matters and, after nearly 15 years of parenthood, I’m grateful to grasp any distraction that comes my way…

Alas, neither did I anticipate how time-consuming writing a review can be. Perhaps, I’m overly concerned to make them worthy of reading. I get hung up on ‘truth’, ‘wit’, ‘images’, ‘layout’, ‘search-engine’ terms, ‘punctuation’, ‘intonation’ and ‘integrity’. If I’m going to slurp Shloer or diet with a Slimpod I’m going to have to give up the wine and get in the right frame of mind to stop eating – neither of which I’m in the right frame of mind to attempt let alone achieve. Plus it doesn’t help when I’ve also agree to review Prestat chocolate and Sacla Pesto and Garofalo Pasta, or I write another food blog: Beyond the Pasty. I need my children to engage and feed back their opinions on Boggle Flash and Robinson’s double concentrated squash and they are elusive little critters who can be difficult to coax down from the trees to engage in anything that isn’t chocolate. I have a delightful Natural Hand Sanitiser spray called Quash in my handbag I forget to use because there is never the need and my eldest son uses a brilliant mattress protector from Aquasolari which deserves a brilliant review but I’m a bit shy about airing his incontinence issues.

In search engine terms I should be reviewing Mother & Baby products however my children who are about to turn 11, 13 & 15 this year puts me out of that demographic. For appropriateness we really should be reviewing products aimed at knackered, semi-menopausal females or endless X-box games for pre-pubesant males…or lego technics! Sadly, time to maintain this blog, and the real raison d’être to be peppered with random musings, product reviews, interesting observations or life-stories seems to elude me.

What to do? Should I just wallop this blog on the head? Kill it off after a year or leave it sleep a while until I find more time again? For the last thing I thought that blogging would do is to have become my CV. Where there were gaps in my time they’ve now been filled with currently continuous freelance work.

After a full year I’m now torn if I can keep this blog going anymore. I feel obliged to review what I’d promised to do but this wasn’t meant to be a review site, in an ideal world blogs should be engaging, entertaining and interesting for the pure pleasure of the read. Shouldn’t they?

2 thoughts on “If only I’d seen what a year of blogging would do to me.

  1. Well from one tired overworked mother to another, I shall miss your musings, they’ve often made me laugh after a hard day – you are such a talent! 🙂 x

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