Is summer here or is this just a rehearsal?



Sometimes you have to pinch yourself: is it really only April?

The weather has been so brilliant for the past few weeks and I’ve been peeling off the layers. I started going out without a coat, gradually my extra layers have got thinner and lighter. Before long I was down to just shirt sleeves and today, the sun felt so warm in the garden that I gave into it completely. I was down to my shorts and vest top all afternoon while I worked in the garden.

I hadn’t really planned to spend so long in the sun, and it’s early April, so I thinking about sun-protection is not yet on my radar… but after 3 hours I can feel the slight burn on my cheeks and shoulders.

My ‘little ones’ are now ‘bigger ones’. They’d rather work on their pallid complexions all day, as play stations and computers hold a greater hold on them nowadays than the great outdoors. However, when they were little, the first sign of any sun and they shed clothes faster than leaves come off trees in autumn gales and run around the garden butt naked.

It’s easy to forget to protect against the sun. I tend to only think about sun cream if I’m going abroad on holiday. Really we should think about putting on sun protection as habitually as we remember to put on moisturiser,  especially when it come to sun-protection for our kids.

Nivea has been around forever.

My granny used to call it ‘magic cream’ and would apply it to any bump or bruise. Of course the cream couldn’t treat a bruise, however it was the soothing nature of applying cream by mum, and the gentle rubbing to make it be absorbed into a small child’s skin that was the magic ingredient in making a wounded soul ‘feel better’.So, I’ll always think of Nivea as the makers of  ‘magic cream’. Nivea Pure & Sensitive sun protection is easy sun protection to remember to apply on our children’s skin and it doesn’t need reapplying each time the get out the sea and get themselves covered in sand. It might only be April, but with the weather as good as this it’s a good time to remember the sun screen.

[This is a sponsored post].

Extra TLC for those little darlings…

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The new launch from the UK’s No.1 in children’s sun care * still offers all of the usual NIVEA SUN benefits but has been developed for the most sensitive skin, ensuring the little ones can enjoy the sun. Parents can also rest assured as the formula is dermatologically approved and hypo-allergenic.

Produced only in the very high protection of SPF 50+ and offering immediate protection unique to NIVEA SUN this extra gentle formula  helps  keep the most sensitive skin safer in the sun…even those prone to skin allergies

With the highest quality UVA and UVB protection system it helps protect immediately against sunburn and long-term skin damage while the very water resistant formula helps keep kids sensitive skin protected on land and sea!

Available in both lotion and spray format so kids can be covered in the easiest way possible and get back to causing mischief!

NEW NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive keeping precious skin protected in the purest way possible…

NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion and Sun Spray SPF 50 RRP £16.84

Available from March 2011 – Boots exclusive

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