PRESTAT Hand Made Chocolates and Truffles

Mmm…tomorrow is my birthday.

I’ll have to work out what age I’ll be by calculating the year I was born and taking away from the year it is. The answer isn’t automatic. In my head I’m ten years younger but hot flushes, failing eye-sight and wrinkly hands confirm I’m actually slipping deeper into middle age. It’s not that I’m trying to forget how old I’ll be, ’cause I actually do.

However, even as an old bird,  I’d hate my birthday to slip by unnoticed. I’d like to stick at 39 until I’m 49 but have the spoiling as if I’d just turned 30.

This year, my birthday just happens to be the day after Mother’s Day. So, I reckon I ought to be due a double-helping of niceness from the kiddy-winks – even if comes after the event.

I’ve also come to a decision that, at my age, I either need deny myself all joy and diet like crazy if I’m not to add the ‘middle-aged spread’ to my list of body-age giveaways… or  can just hang loose for a while as consolation for the ‘getting old’.

So what would like for my birthday? Why, to give into a chocolate  free-love binge, that’s what!

Jewel Box - 120g

And I’m waving these rather cheerful looking boxes as a big hint.

The older I get the more brightly clothed, less subtle in my demands but the discerning about my chocolates I’m determined to become. A bit like Prestat, really 😉 And they’re  really good at it!

I leave you to ruminate while I salivate (and comment) on mine:

‘Choosing either a Jewel Box, filled with a selection of Prestat’s most popular chocolates, or the Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles, will make any woman / mother /sister / aunt / grandma  feel loved and appreciated (I can vouch for that).  Both are presented in boxes adorned with the trademark gold swirls of the chocolatier to The Queen, created by the renowned artist and illustrator Kitty Arden.

The Jewel Box is available in a range of sizes from 55g (too small to be anything other than a wedding favour) right up to 640g (that’s more like it!). Nestling inside you’ll find a mouth-watering selection of all the favourite milk, dark, white and praline treats that Prestat create. Lift the lid and enter a world that’s full of hazelnut clusters, caramels, rose and violet crèmes as well as all sorts of other heavenly treats. Definitely divine and NOT FOR SHARING!

For any woman with a passion for truffles – and can bear to share, a box of the Milk Chocolate Marc de Champagne Truffles are the ultimate present.  Champagne is gently turned into the smoothest of brandies before being combined with Prestat’s finest milk chocolate and enrobed in a smooth chocolate shell.’

Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles - 175g

[This is a sponsored post]

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