My son, the aspiring author.

Trouble on The Island Of Mespitonia

Once upon a time, on an unknown island in an unknown world, where the sun shone brightly and the flowers were larger than dinner plates and more beautiful than you can ever imagine, lived the most peculiar creatures…

He’s 10 and this is what he wrote at three in the morning on my computer when he couldn’t sleep.

As a parent and a writer, with two older sons: one whose disability means his communication level is that of a two-year old and the other who is profoundly dyslexic, I’m more relived by his insomnia than I’m disturbed by it.

Please enjoy and feel free to continue the story from where it is left off. It might be interesting to see where it might go…

…Such as the ‘snozwozal’, a large, fat, scaly creature with an otter like tail and a short dangling trunk on is face, or the ‘bunnut’, a massive bird like mammal with a very long beak. All of the inhabitants on the island had known the island as ‘Mespitonia’ for thousands of years.

Despite their differences, they all got along very well with each other, helping one another to complete objectives in daily life.

But one day a thunderstorm struck the island that was so horrifying in its power and size that all the animals were so terrified that they fled into the vast, tropical forest. A stampede of animals charged into the ‘Trunkan’ village scattering many and stamping of the inhabitants to their deaths. But one animal did not run in panic instead it stayed calm, in fact this creature was so calm it hadn’t even noticed the thunderstorm.  This creature was known as a ‘kilockio’. He was called Emile and was a small, luminous blue amphibian.

He was scavenging around on the forest floor searching for fallen fruit amongst the undergrowth. He couldn’t hear the mighty roar of thunder as the trees muffled the sound and the heavy raindrops couldn’t reach him through the canopy.  Suddenly he spotted a lovely, juicy ‘juv-juv’ fruit underneath a tree nearby. As he shuffled towards it a loud rumbling noise and a brown dust cloud was sweeping towards him. All of a sudden he noticed a large amount of feet were coming towards him and a giant herd of snozwozals were bearing down on him. As fast as he could he rushed headlong towards the fruit reaching out to grab it with both toes before the snozwozals flattened him completely.

Just at the moment he grabbed the fruit and would have rolled away to safety, a greedy ‘grum-grum’ bird swooped down and snatched it up and tried to fly away with. The bird swept up into the sky and high above the canopy and into the rainstorm with Emile now dangling from the juv-juv fruit, still held firmly by his sticky toes.

Eventually the thunderstorm died down and the grum-grum bird landed in the forest canopy. And Emile started feasting on the juv-juv fruit, while the grum-grum bird began chewing on it as well. Soon the juv-juv fruit was finished and the grum-grum bird noticed Emile for the first time,

“Little kilockio,” grumbled the grum-grum bird in a low croaky voice, and pressing his large red beak right up against Emile’s nose, “you have eaten half my fruit.”

“But it’s my fruit,” complained Emile, “you snatched it from me. I had it first.”

“What!” roared the grum-grum bird, and he ruffled his grey feathers to show he was angry, he never expected a small blue lizard to stand up to him a mighty grum-grum bird. “get out of my sight you disgusting little amphibian. Before I throw you out!”

5 thoughts on “My son, the aspiring author.

  1. that was awesome! very well written, i really felt like i was in that tropical forest. maybe consider asking him if he would be interested in taking part in NaNoWriMo young writers section in November. adults are challenged to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days,. kids get to pick their own goal and its a lot of fun. .

  2. Jessica, your boy is so creative and talented. I have a little boy just a little younger that your little author, and I love and encourage his creativity too.
    I read a few posts on your blog – very touching. I will keep visiting. Pascale.

  3. WOW he’s a very talented little lad 😀 His imagination is breathtaking. I would certainly read more from him, very captivationg 😀

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