My Fabulous Bakin’ Boys

It only seem’ right, before I introduce The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys, to introduce my very own two fabulous bakin’ boys.

Here they are with their two perfect chocolate cakes. Different recipes and no parental interference help whatsoever.

I couldn’t judge one to be better than the other. Deliciously chocolatety; just how I like them. Makin’ me think what fabulously proud Mama I am!

Oh, an’ their cakes were damn fine too!

In contrast, to this home bake-off, we happened to have been sent three boxes of The Fabulous Bakin’Boys new Fruit ‘n Oat Slices to trial. £1.00 introductory price, RRP £1.49 per pack of 5, they come in three flavours: Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Apple. Recently launched in ASDA and Sainsbury’s, and appearin’ in Tesco from 16th February.

The claim is that they are ‘the first bakery snack to contain 1 portion of fruit and an almost guilt-free pleasure that the whole family can enjoy.’

So what did we think of these  ‘delicious fibre-packed snack bars consist of two layers, with a fruity base crammed with succulent sultanas, apples and apricots, topped with oats and sprinkled with strawberry, blackberry or apple pieces’?

I can say that they were tasty. I can say that I enjoyed the eatin’ of them. And, I can say, because they were very delicious, that they just didn’t seem large enough. Two bites of a slice and they were gone when I felt I needed a least one little bite more…

However, I confess to  havin’ a little bit of  a problem with foods that tell me they have somethin’ good contained in them. “Why the claim?” I keep askin’ myself. What’s the ‘not so good’ that they might be hiddin’ while they shout loudly about being so ‘healthy ‘. Plus, call me old fashioned, but I’ve a tendency to think of a portion of fruit to be a whole fruit – an apple or a banana – not a teaspoon of some freeze-dried fruit. If these tasty little ‘Fruit ‘n’ Oat Slices contain 1 portion of fruit  – of my daily five – is seems too tiny and insignificant to be real.

If I’m to expect that 1 of my kids’ daily recommended intake of fruit can be in something that they can’t see looks like fruit. They could get confused and go completely onto the wrong track.  I can see my little’n now saying he’s had his other 4 daily portions from a strawberry cream chocolate, a peach yoghurt, a carton of apple juice and a fruit pastel!

As a mum, I’m now dyin’ to know how much of  our daily recommended requirement of sugar, salt and fats is contained in a single slice. You see, with me, ‘claims’ raise  more questions in my head than offer reassurances. I’m a bit of a stickler, like that.

I suppose that me and The Bakin’ Boys weren’t going to get off to a good start cause I was initially so disappointed wi’ the amount of packagin’. I’m irked, b’cause  I’m left smellin’ cardboard from box – and because each individual slice is sealed in plastic- I can’t smell the wholesome fruity-oatness of the the goodies inside. The boxes were too large and 5 Fruit ‘n’ Oat Slices rattled inside as if there was a slice missin’. It made me think that the slices would be bigger than they were so I started off feelin’ disappointed with them Bakin’ Boys.

So I’m left waggin’ my finger at The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys. I’m writin’, ‘Could do better’ on their report card.

Please don’t try to hoodwink me with spurious claims and then over package your product. Be honest. They taste good, they are ideal for lunch boxes and snacks and they contain a ‘tablespoon’ of dried fruit!

But I’ll leave with their words to round this off….

Achievin’ a 90 per cent approval rating in taste trials with mums and kids, the family friendly snacks are being hailed as the new lunch-box product.

The bakery will also be launchin’ a larger version of the strawberry and apple bars for people on the go in the upcoming months.

3 thoughts on “My Fabulous Bakin’ Boys

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your review on our ‘Fruit ‘n oat slice range.

    We welcome all feedback and have fully taken on board all your comments.

    We also felt it right that we respond to the points that you have raised in your review.

    Our ‘Fruit ‘n oat slice’ range was launched off the back of the feedback that we were getting from consumers (in particular mums) who wanted to see something new in the cake fixture that was considered a healthier choice and that tasted great!

    We wanted to create a product that delivered on taste as well as cramming in as much fruit as we could, but also keeping the recipe as clear of nasty ingredients as possible.

    When we were developing the products, we took guidance from several authorities including the Food Standards agency (FSA) who define 1 portion of fruit as 1 tablespoon of dried fruit.
    we have more than this amount in each fruit ‘n oat slice!

    In terms of the packaging, the product is packed into the carton mechanically, and it is necessary for the carton to be larger in size to accommodate this process and to avoid packing errors, such as missing products.

    Predominantly these products (like all our other products) are targeted for the lunchbox occasion, so the individually wrapped element helps to keep each product fresh and convenient for the context in which they are being eaten.

    Once again we would like to thank you for taking the time to try our products and write a review on them, and also take this opportunity to invite you to become an official taster for the us. I will be in touch with futher details.

  2. I love it when someone puts me straight!
    It’s a confusin’ world out there, but I’m just now tuckin’ into a Fabulous Bakin’ Boy apple slice and evaluatin’ the wholesome oaty fruityness again.
    I definitely like ’em!

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