Mine’s a pint, please.

A Dairy Crest Semi-Skimmed Milk Bottle.

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Would you, or would you not down a pint of milk?

My mother must have often wondered why we always used to be short of milk in our house in the morning.

I confess, I’d frequently wake up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty and fill a glass of lovely cold milk and down it almost in one. It was such a deliciously refreshing sensation that it was possible I’d end up downing a whole pint bottle. Do you remember when they used to come with a think plug of cream on the top? I’d poke it and scoop it out with my finger first and lick around the bottle’s rim to make sure I didn’t leave as much as a smudge behind.

But I’m unlikely to do it now. I’d feel kind of naughty…

So do you, or would you ever, think of drinking a glass of chilled milk as your first choice of drink if you were thirsty? Or are you hung up, like me, with the thought that milk is too fattening for grown up women and really only suitable for babes and infants to enjoy?

I’m not sure why or when my milk quaffing days ended. The idea of drinking a cold glass of milk now rarely occurs to me; even something as simple as a delicious mug of hot milk before bedtime feels naked. I don’t heat milk to drink except for making a hot chocolate.

But here’s a list of reasons why I think I don’t:

1. I  discovered tea was equally refreshing and only needed a dash of milk.

2. I began to associate milk as the drink to nourish babies and children, not grown ups.

3. Beer, wine and spirits were suddenly the drink of choice to chill and relax.

4. Now that all the milk I buy comes in plastic bottles it has never seemed quite as tantalising and delicious as it was when it came in a glass bottle from the milkman.

5. It actually feels greedy to drink a glass of milk just to quench my thirst. I’ve  a tendency to think of milk as liquid food and if I’m thirsty a cold squash or soda might be less calorific.

I was invited to a ‘mummy blogger’ event by the ‘make mine Milk’ campaign team London last Friday. The night after the Mother & Baby Awards as it happened, and the event was a short Barista training session.  The idea of a caffeine high after a late night, and since I’m very rarely ever in the capital, seemed both appealing and too good an opportunity to miss.

The ‘coffee morning with a difference’ took place at the London School of Coffee with bloggers: Metropolitan Mum, Family Affairs and Other Matters, Babes About Town, The Coffee Lady, Mummys Busy World and Mummys Shoes, and of course myself were treated to a crash course in Barista skills.

It would be wrong to suggest I was a dab hand at anything by the end of the morning, but I did come away with a much greater appreciation of coffee from a ‘wish-to-be’ connoisseur’s point of view.  Just as with wine and food matching, our trainer, Daisy, suggested why a certain coffee would be perfect with a Cognac or a rich chocolate torte  at the end of an evening, whereas a Kenyan blend maybe more your breakfast coffee.

I not only came away appreciating coffee better, I also started to love milk more.  We were shown how to heat milk to the right consistency, create a small amount of bubbles, and to keep moving in the jug so that  it became glossy and shiny enough to produce hearts and feathers for exquisite latte art. I’d not really considered this before,  that most of a latte or a cappuccino is almost totally consisting of hot semi-skimmed milk with just a small, but intense, shot of coffee.

You might not know it, but milk is actually low in fat. I guess it’s the way these facts are presented which can make it confusing: full fat milk, semi-skimmed sounds bad for use and yet I’ve seen cakes presented as 80% fat free as if that’s a good thing. In fact, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk varieties are all less than 2% fat, and 1% milk is just that – 1% fat. And that’s not all, milk is a source of vitamins and essential minerals including calcium, B12, iodine and protein. Put simply, drinking milk is all part of having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

I’m wondering, could this be my turning point? “Kids, lay off the milk drinking please and save some for me.”

Is anyone else a sneaky in the middle-of-the-night-milk raider?

7 thoughts on “Mine’s a pint, please.

  1. Sorry but I cannot drink, or even think about drinking a glass of milk let alone a pint lol, I only have a bit in a cup of tea which isn’t even that often, or even on cereal, I have mine dry!! I think you’re all nuts lol, but also loving the tash!!!

  2. I used to hate skimmed milk and shunned other milk as too fattening but now I love the skimmed variety (!) and always have a glass of it in the morning, low fat and full of calcium which I’m sure my bones need having grown and breastfed two babies!

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