This is personal. My mid-riff in crisis

As a freelancer, I take the work when I can.

I write about food producers for my local glossy magazine quite regularly but I’d like to do more.

It doesn’t involve any free dining (although that would be nice), but the Chef’s Special’s look tasty at least.

But when there’s so much to tasty stuff around to sample at food festivals and through interviewing food producers it is easy to get a little carried away…and quite naturally, as an outpouring of an almost obsessive new food enthusiasm,  I’ve taken to blogging about it as well.

However, there are two disadvantages to writing about food all day.

One is that writing requires thinking, and thinking requires sustenance, and writing about Cornish food makes eating obligatory.

The second disadvantage is that I’m sitting on my arse all day.

In less than two weeks time I have to squeeze this belly bulge into a glamorous frock for the Mother & Baby awards. I’m not looking forward to it among all those young, svelte, glamorous  media types.

You need to understand that I’m also going through a bit of a mid-life crisis too.

Read the rest of the entry on my new Beyond the Pasty food blog…

2 thoughts on “This is personal. My mid-riff in crisis

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