Sodastream: Are you the ‘fizzy’ type? Or do ‘still’ waters run deep with you?

There are only so many plastic bottle mini cloches you can make for vegetable seedlings; and I’m pretty sure the idea of being environmentally friendly is not about stuffing full your recycling rubbish bags full with squashed bottles and drinks cans?

So, if you are filling your weekly shopping trolley with large plastic bottles of fizzy drinks or sparkling water there is absolutely no doubt about it.

You need a sodastream.

However, I have never lugged home ‘fizzy’ pop from the supermarket since my fridge offers precious little chilling space, and the thought of  ‘sparkles’ served at room temperature presented zero temptation. Plus the kids, until recently  discovering coca cola,  had actually  been revolted by the idea of drinks with ‘bubbles’.

“Too weird, up the nose, on the tongue,” they’d complained.

Therefore, the offer to try a new sodastream maker I knew would make an interesting experiment. Could it ultimate turn us from a ‘flat’ family to ‘fizzy’ folks?

Taste: My nine-year dived for the deliciously exotic sounding ‘Passion fruit and Mango’ from the ‘Clear Range’. But we were ultimately disappointed. It was sweet but we both felt cheated of there being any taste of the real fruit.

However, all three boys agreed that they really liked the fizzy orange that they declared tasted just like Tango. It’s a funny thing, but if you are going to enjoy the great taste of artificial fruit flavours then you really need the artificial colorants as well. It maybe madly ironic, but if it’s clear the only tolerated flavour was the lemon and lime. It tastes like Sprite so clear is good. Flavoured, fizzy water – nah – we just don’t dig it. Sadly, I was raised that way.

We also tried Clear Mango Apple, which is free of artificial colours and sweeteners, and Sugar Free Cranberry & Raspberry, neither of which we were particularly excited about. I personally would have seen more application in the sodastream flavours had I tried the Tonic or the Ginger Ale (mixers for my favourite tipples) and the kids would have leapt at the Cola. I was actually deeply disappointed that the ‘modern’ sodastream hasn’t brought out more natural and original fruit mixers. I’d have liked something like a zingy ‘ginger and lime’ cordial or a cloudy Scillian lemonade. However, that’s my opinion. The children are much more enthusiastic about Sodastream flavours than I am.

However, I personally loved the fact that I could use my sodastream just to make fizzy water and mixed it with white wine and ice for sprtizers or with my own homemade elderflower syrup that was a definitely refreshing and delicious improvement on boringly flat tap water.

Design: Sodastream has had a sleek makeover and now comes in a range of modern designs and colours. These include chrome, red and white and will look great in any kitchen.

Value: Each Sodastream gas cylinder makes up to 60 litres of liquid – so it makes it easy for mums to save money by using Sodastream instead of buying cans or bottles

Environment – Sodastream creates delicious fizzy drinks from tap water using refillable gas canisters and producing less waste than throwaway bottles and cans

Fun: Sodastream is all about having noisy fizzy fun for the kids!

Finally, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to keep my sodastream drinks maker after trialling it  – it might become kitchen clutter much better passed on to friends more fizzy than we are. However, I’m fast becoming a bit of an addict and just because the current range of sodastream flavours on offer didn’t overawe me, it doesn’t mean I won’t now fight anyone for it who now tries to take it off me….

No way, I’m just getting busy with the fizzy and thinking of the endless possibilities of homemade mixers and mocktails that I can create with it.

And my boys?

Well they love it of course!

Sodastream drinksmakers are available from John Lewis, Comet, Argos, Robert Dyas, Lakeland and selected Asda stores. For more information visit or look us up on Twitter @Sodastreamuk

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