M&B Blog: Strolling along and nearly done with all the testing.

It would be impossible to know for sure what stroller is going to win Gold in this year’s awards since all the scores have yet to be collected, collated and verified as they say in these types of competitions….however, there are lots of good things being said about one stroller in particular.

Here’s some updates from some of this year’s testers:

Kami Kaur tested the Britax B-Mobile 4 (£179.99), Kiddicare Kiddi Couture (£103.99), Phil and Ted’s Smart (£169) and the Maclaren Triumph (£110). She sent these pictures:

“This  pic is taken on the day the strollers arrived! We had a lot of fun putting them together and we roped in one of the other testers (pictured here) to put them all together for us! We have put my 4 year old in one of them and my one year old daughter in the other one! They had a fab time racing around the lounge in the strollers! They are all very lightweight so was easy enough to wheel my older one around too!”

Emma Sayner tested the Chicco multiway (£149.99), the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller (£199.99) and the Cosatto Yo! (£160)
“When they all arrived I fell in love with the Yo! I thought the City Mini was ok and had all the best features but didn’t make me go Ooooooo and I didn’t like the look of the Chicco!!

BUT after using them all although I do still love the Yo! My daughter didn’t! She was tooo tall for it and her head touched the bottom of the hood! The buggy we loved the most and would have bought was the City Mini jogger that I would not even have looked twice at or considered trying!! I love the buggy. It has everything you need for a buggy!

  • Spacious sturdy basket.
  • Handy mesh on the backrest for added storage!
  • Pushed like a dream!
  • Huge, wide spacious seat for any child size
  • And the best bit is the hood!!! It pulls out in 3 stages so if you get caught in a shower without a raincover you pull it fully out and they are practically covered!!

I WILL be investing in this pushchair!!

I ADORE buggies and have had many, many buggies and have surprised myself falling in love and NEEDING this buggy as well like I say I would never have looked twice at it before testing!

Thank you again for letting me test these buggies! I have had a fantastic time from beginning to end and I really appreciate the chance you gave me!!”

Susan Hunt tested the obaby Atlas Sport (£89.99), Mamas & Papas Tour (£110), Phil and Teds Smart and Kiddicare Kiddicouture .

“I thought that all umbrella fold ‘standard’ lightweight buggies were the same until I tested these! The obaby, M&P and Kiddicare all had something that was better than the other, unfortunately none of them were perfect though!

  • I liked the compactness of the M&P Tour and its groovy design, and the way it folded and reclined. It also handled well although it developed a squeak quite quickly. It was very small when folded but still had a good height to the handles. However its minus point was the seat was a little too small. It was a good size for my 14 month old however my 2 year old was very snug in it and it felt very heavy with him in it. Overall I liked the M&P best out of these types of buggies.
  • The next best umbrella fold was the Kiddicare – I loved the design and colourway in red and white stripes. Reminiscent of the old MacLaren buggy I had in the 1970s! It came with a really good cosytoes – padded with fleece lining. Most don’t include one so this was a great plus point. The seat was a good size and the fold was easy however the recline not so good – needed two hands to recline and was very difficult with the child in it. It handled well and seemed very sturdy. I thought this buggy was really good value for money. I didn’t know Kiddicare made their own buggies and I would certainly recommend it for the price.
  • The obaby Atlas was a good basic buggy for the price however the fold and recline mechanisms drove me mad!! I couldn’t fold it with flip flops on!! I however liked the seat and harness and when reclined it went back a long way. The basket was more accessible than most of this type of buggy.
  • As for the Phil and Teds Smart – this was completely different!! I thought it was more of a travel system than a lightweight buggy. It looked so cool and I got some admiring glances when pushing my daughter around in it. The ‘bucket’ seat was surprisingly comfy although if using it long term I would have to use a seat liner. It was sturdy and hard wearing and once I’d deciphered the extremely complicated instructions (no words only pictures!!!) and spent half an hour trying to fold it, it was easy once I knew how. I liked the shopping basket and the big wheels made it a really good once to use in the fields however they made it quite bulky when folded. The ‘peanut’ carrycot was fab, although I didn’t use it I thought the size and way it folded and attached was brilliant. I liked how you could attach a car seat too. The raincover and sunshade were really good and cleverly attached to the side of the buggy in little ‘saddlebags’. However it lost points on the fact that the raincover wasn’t included in the price and was quite expensive. I liked this buggy the best out of all I tested however probably wont keep it as my 2 year old is too big for it already. However one of my testers is happily going to take it for her 1 year old who loves it. It even fits in the boot of her mini (but only with the wheels off!!).I already have a Silver Cross Pop and all 3 umbrella fold buggies I tested were different to this, making me look at the umbrella folds in a different light from now on! It pays to test them! However I don’t think I would buy any of them as I now have bought the winner from last year – the Baby Jogger City Mini that I absolutely love. I tested the double version last year and kept it and nothing has come close to it I’m afraid!!

    Thanks for the experience I have really enjoyed it.”

Julie Robinson says of the Petite Star Zia (£129.99) she tested:

“I found this a great little pushchair, folds so compact that it even fits in the boot of a VW convertible.  The handles are height adjustable, the cosy toes and rain cover provide great all round protection and the basket was small, but deep enough to put juice cups/bottles in upright and put other bits around them.  Also found that the handle could hold a heavy change bag without tipping over when the child was out of the chair.

However, the most fantastic pushchair by far though has to be the Baby Jogger City Mini. The City jogger is so easy to fold, fantastic extendable hood to provide complete cover, and although the basket underneath is small there was also a compartment in the back of the seat unit to store things.  I think this can be converted to a travel system, but am yet to find the add-ons online.  The only minus to this is if you are pushing it long distance the rubber of the handle bars is a little rough on your hands.”

Silke Baker: “We had fun testing the products as always, with a few ups and downs…also as always.

I remember when I tried attaching the hood to the obaby Atlas Sport Stroller the rubber band that should hold it in place snapped right in my face…ouch!

The stroller we tested the hardest was the QuickSmart from Babystyle (£109.99). We took it on family holidays to Germany…unfortunately without the instructions and I could not remember at all how to fully close that damn thing…it always stood around half open, half closed…a waste if you’ve ever seen how small it actually CAN fold (which was one of the reasons we took it in the fist place).

We also slightly exceeded the weight limit (see attached picture) and it managed just fine…really a good little stroller!”

What’s your favourite stroller, I wonder?

3 thoughts on “M&B Blog: Strolling along and nearly done with all the testing.

  1. I wasn’t testing the buggies but I do have a baby jogger city mini and absolutely love it. It is as lightweight as a stroller yet as sturdy as a pram and folds up so compact. The one hand fold system is amazing and allows me to pull the handle and the buggy is folded whilst holding my little boy. Admittedly it doesn’t look the greatest but the features easily make up for it’s looks. The hood is brilliant too because it covers the whole buggy and keeps your child reasonably dry or almost completely covered from the sun. It’s not the cheapest option as a stroller but in hindsight I went through a couple of strollers before I found one I liked for my first child and now I have struck gold first time with this one! I would recommend this stroller at all times!

  2. I also tested lightweight strollers(would of sent you something Jessica but been runnin round like a nutter organising a kids party) we had fun doing it and I think most of my tester group fell in love with the Bee as it us so much more than a stroller but really light and lovely to push. I have to agree with others though the Baby Jogger City Mini is an amazing stroller, once you’ve tried one there’s no going back. They don’t look much but the little things like the huge hood and the way it folds. I took ours to Wales last year in a Zafira with 6 passengers and enough clothes and kids entertainment for 10 people, I took the wheels off so it was folded even more compact in fact it was so small my husband asked if the pushchair was already down the caravan cause he hadn’t seen one in the car!

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