BG, Baby.

Anna Telling and her daughter, Abigail, offer a bit of reusable advice…

“My sisters and I were brought up in terry toweling nappies.

I knew when I had children that I had no problem in doing the same for my children, no disposables for me. However, researching what to do when pregnant opened up a minefield. It took a long time to grasp exactly how these clever reusables worked (we’d decided to opt for next generation on from terries).

I scrolled through many, many not necessarily, user-friendly reusable nappy websites. A lot assumed prior knowledge and talk of outer liners, inner liners, wraps, bamboo, cotton and so on were frustratingly inaccessible. I knew that I didn’t want to have a nappy that added more work to my soon to be new Mum life and looked for the most straightforward design. The bumgenius nappies> came up time and time again as the most simple, logical design.

Three things convinced me:

1. Seeing a video of a wriggly baby being changed quickly with the bumgenius nappy (see You Tube for 1000s of examples),

2. Finding Fill Your Pants <>, a clear, straightforward reusable nappy shopping site and

3. My American nanny friend singing the praises of bumgenius when I said that I was thinking of going for them “They are the best, I’m so happy for you! They’re no. 1 in the States”.

I bought the bumgenius starter kit from FYP, complete with nappies, nappy liners, wash bag and waterproof carrier. This was really helpful so that I had all the components needed to begin. We also had 2 nappy buckets, one for dirty nappies, one as a bin for discarded liners and wipes etc. We also got a £25 cashback voucher from our council (Derby County Council>) on presentation of our receipt, one reason being that “…a baby will use upto 4,000 disposable nappies or between 25 – 30 cloth nappies. 3 billion disposable nappies (around 1/2 million tonnes) are thrown away every year in the UK that is 8 million every day!

My daughter is now 13 months old and we’re still going strong. She uses about 4 a day, one double up for nighttime. The nursery she goes to are happy to use them, I just take 3 or 4 for the day, along with a waterproof bag for them to deposit the dirties, and pick her and the nappies up at the end of the working day. We normally do a wash every other day. We’ve got about 20 nappies (buying extra as we went along so we had spares for nursery). We have a couple of each colour in their range and I think they’re beautiful! Despite all the use over the last year they aren’t stained and nasty looking either. Still presentable!


  • Get starter kit.
  • Use environmentally-friendly washing powder/liquid (supermarket own is fine so no more than standard stuff)
  • Read user guides, e.g., FYP website has a bumgenius guide which I started off with
  • Washing them at 60 degrees with half advised level of detergent is fine. We haven’t bothered to do a pre-rinse or post rinse and been fine.
  • We use liners (helps separate poopy from the nappy for easy plopping into the toilet bowl)
  • Biodegradable, flushable liners are best, though these aren’t easy to get on the high street (e.g., Boots, Mothercare only stock non-biodegradable, non-flushable) so bulk buying online is better. That way you can plop the whole lot down the loo instead of having to split them.
  • Newborns only need the newborn liner (smaller one)
  • As they get older you use the larger one, un popping the poppers to make them longer as the nappy is made bigger.
  • For night times, we double up with a newborn and standard liner (this is particularly useful until your child stops feeding in the night).
  • They dry quite quickly on the line/ on radiators (normally over night), tumble drying is speedy.


One thought on “BG, Baby.

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