M&B Awards blog: Clean babies and Bath Time products

I’ve been sent some lovely pictures of babies testing some of the bath time products for 2010 Mother & Baby Awards with a few product reviews in this category. Which are too cute not to share.

Genna said her daughter, Brooke, loved the Tesco Jungle towel and Claire sent me a picture of her daughter, Chloe:

“I am testing the Clevamama Baby Bath towel which I think needs a mention. This is by far the best bath towel I have used on my baby.  It is huge for a start; so when you little one gets longer it still covers from top to toe.  The neck fasteners allow you to pick up any slippery baby from the bath with two hands and also protecting yourself from most of the contents of the bath that always follow.  I wish I had bought one earlier and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Sherrie says:

“We tested out the Fisherprice Aquarium Bath tub first, I think it was the bright colours that drew me to it. First off I unwrapped it all and started to assemble it together…. without reading the instructions. I mean come on who actually reads instructions for a bath?? Well a lesson learnt, I can tell you!!! The bath has 2 fixable feet that need to be fixed before the tub can be used. I wasn’t expecting to have to screw feet to the bath. Anyway whilst reading the instructions out to my husband I realised that they needed to be fixed with the enclosed screws… opps!!! The next thing, I’m half in half and half out the recycling bin hunting for the screws! Phew! I found them panic over. Once the feet were fixed firmly we were ready to go.

We bathed my 9 wk old baby girl in the front room so that my nearly 3 yr old son could help and be part of the testing and experience. Sibling bonding, well that’s what I thought anyway, ha ha!
My baby girl looked and felt very happy and contented in the bath, I LOVED how Fisherprice have designed a sling/hammock that nicely fits on the bathtub easily. The Hammock also has a padded part that supports the baby’s head comfortably. My felt my baby was fully supported, which was a big bonus for us as we were able all to join in and enjoy bathing her. Without this, one of us struggles to hold her with wet hands as best as possible. My son tested out the 2 toys that came with the bathtub. A green turtle and a purple starfish that got put to good use. Whilst I washed her, my son poured the water over her using them so they did come in good use. Chances are when your little one is older they would play with them.

Another great design feature was the baby stopper that is already fitted in the tub and helps stop the baby from slipping/sliding into the water when the hammock is not used. BUT I left this in and it was another good support for my baby. Her bottom rested nicely on it so she was well and truly supported.

I would defo recommend this and so far this gets the BIG thumbs up from us.”

Donna says:

“I’d like to tell you that we’re in the process of testing out the Tippitoes minibath so far and we LOVE IT…especially my partner.

We think its fab! Daddy can actually bath Lily now, which he hasn’t since she was born 14 weeks ago. His first attempt, when he was cradling her head, resulted in poor Lily catapulted upside down with a face full of bubbles and my partner feeling absolutely mortified, so hasn’t bathed her since. Then when we had a go at testing the mini bath, he realised that he can simply put Lily in the bath and with just a hand on her tummy, clean and play with her. Well his face was a picture!! So it’s done wonders for his confidence! Of course, me being mummy and super critical of everything have found that a strip of something non slip near the bum area to stop a very wet & wriggly baby lurching from side to side would make this product 10/10…apart from that though, we both agree it’s a cracking bath time product and has made bath time a very pleasurable time now for my partner.”

Sherrie agreed:

“The Tippitoes Mini bath looks sturdy and a perfect size for a newborn. I liked the look of it and liked the shape/design of the bath and how it supports the baby and how easy it was to drain the water away by the small plughole.  It was nice and compact and from a safety aspect this bath was great as there wasn’t anywhere for the baby to slide down or roll over. The bath retails at £9.99 and for what it is, it is worth the cost it’s just a shame that there isn’t a way that you can carry on using it as your child grows.”

Lacie’s daughter, Lily, sports the Lil Rinser:

“This is a must have bath product for those with little ones who fear water in their ears or eyes. It fits great around the forehead, with a band inside to keep it watertight. It’s stretchy enough to fit babies and toddlers alike, and is a great step to make the transition from bath time to shower time. And for those with cheeky monkeys like mine, it doubles as a crown for playtime!! My bathroom definitely wouldn’t be without.”

This is Sherrie’s take of the Flexibath – Ideal for travelling or where space for storing a baby bath is premium:

“The FLEXIBATH didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I loved the funky colour and the design of the bath, but it just wasn’t what I thought. I’m testing this with a newborn however I would imagine testing this with an older baby might be better. As soon as I put my baby in the bath she cried and she just didn’t look comfy, but after a while I was able to settle her and therefore able to give the bath a proper test.

The bath folds up easily and stores away really compact which is a good thing, and would be good as a travel product for older babies/toddler but not for newborns. The information booklet it does actually say 0-4yrs although my nearly 3 yr old struggled in it. The bath retails at £34.95.”

What other bath time products would you recommend?

4 thoughts on “M&B Awards blog: Clean babies and Bath Time products

  1. We’ve been testing out skincare products and have very very nice smelling kids lol they got so excited when a new parcel turned up and would form a queue to get to smell the lovely bubble baths, creams and shampoo/bodywash. We’ve had so many that I’ve got my sister to help us review them on her little boy! Love the cute pictures of the bathing babes

  2. Hi all!
    We have been testing pushchairs and strollers! They decided to turn up on the same day so the lounge was crowded until we put them together!
    So far we love the Britax B Mobile as its so easy to maneouvre. We took the Phil and Ted out last week-it is so fiddly! Not sure how other testers have found this?
    We decided to go to Xscape in Castleford with it and it is a dream to push as its so lightweight! however, when it came to putting it back into the boot it just didnt want to close! The button on the side is so fiddly and kept popping back out not allowing it to close!

    It was at that moment that the skies decided to open and pelt it down! I was drenched but thankfully the kids were snugly sat in the car-my 4 year old yelling at me to hurry up!! I’ll be honest and say it crossed my mind to just leave it there-I had only done a couple of hours testing on it though ;(

    I even tried throwing the whole thing in the boot but it wouldnt fit!!! I then just turned it on its side and it closed! AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

    It was the worse experience so far and since then its been sat in the cupboard! I am taking it out tomorrow for a stroll though without the car so will see how it does! If it doesnt close at least I can park it up in the hall way until i figure it out! The instructions are just illustrations which are not too brilliant! Im sure it will be fine once i get the knack of closing it!

  3. We have been busy testing skincare products and ranges
    and wow what fun my 3 children have had
    and never have they been so squeaky clean and fresh smelling!!
    we must have tested about 30 individual items in the last month and my 2 girls, 4 and 6 years old have been in toiletry heaven!!
    my favourite just has to be the weleda nappy cream and weleda shampoo and body wash, the cream instantly cured a grumbling nappy rash and the shampoo and body wash did not sting at all (the only one i have ever found) and now i just will never use anything else ever again on my children! i am that impressed! thankyou jessica for the fabulous experience we had so much fun !!!!

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