Mother & Baby Testing: The Privilege and The Responsibility (by Emma Button)

By guest blogger and Mother & Baby Tester – Emma Button

(please note, Emma has kindly supplied her own photographs, so hands off! No borrowing please!)

I am very privileged to be a Mother & Baby awards tester. Not just because I was selected from thousands of applicants. Not just because I get to test and keep a number of products I wouldn’t otherwise have bought. Not just because it gives me a sense of pride each time I see a product bearing the M&B award badge, knowing that I helped them to achieve it. No, I am privileged because buying equipment for a young family is an expensive and stressful business. Most parents in Britain don’t get the luxury I have of trying out a wide range of products before they make their purchase.

I really enjoy testing Mother & Baby products. It gives me a sense of power, a sense of belonging. I know that the experiences I have and the judgements I make affect the decisions of hundreds, if not thousands of other parents who have to make the decision about the products on which to spend their hard-earned cash without having had the same luxury of testing all of the options first. With this comes an enormous sense of responsibility…

This time last year I tested breast-feeding and bottle-feeding products for the Mother & Baby 2009 awards. My daughter was a few weeks old. As I tried each product I would let my new mummy friends know about my experiences ˆ good and bad. It soon became apparent that the other new mums I spoke to were genuinely interested in my encounters. It was at that point that I decided to start my own blog to share my observations and, late last year, I shared some of my Mother & Baby testing experiences in a series of reviews, including ‘My Breast Feeding Best Buys’

It is an amazing feeling when you realise that people are making purchasing decisions based on the things you say. It is an incredible feeling of power accompanied by a heavy weight of responsibility. What if I recommend something that they hate? What if I have been swung by looks and in fact the product is rubbish? What if people feel they have wasted money on a product I told them was fab?

The answer of course is that, as parents, we are all different and have different uses and expectations of a product. So long as I am thorough and honest with my testing then my experiences are genuine, my advice cannot be criticised and the results of the Mother & Baby awards will be fair and representative.

This year I am testing both highchairs and Group 1 car seats. Both of these products are bulky and expensive which requires that (a) I have a large space to store them all and (b) I have a group of other parents who are willing to help me test them all. Thankfully, I am in the process of a house move so a few more boxes littered around my house will make very little difference. To help me out with the second point I enlisted the help of those self-same women who were hanging on my word in 2009.

2 thoughts on “Mother & Baby Testing: The Privilege and The Responsibility (by Emma Button)

  1. Hi Emma, Well done – great post. Totally agree with what your saying there are so many products to choose from for mums and dads its hard to decide what to buy – i always base my selection on the M&B logo when chosing products and am always pleased. Its the little things that sometimes makes a huge difference in making life as a mum easier. So for all you testers out there thanks for testing these products and making decisions easier.

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