M&B Awards blog: And so it is done (well almost!)

I’ve likened this process to childbirth in the past.

If you have been there before, knowing what giving birth entails, you’ll sort of know what I mean.  The thought of labouring again for a second or third baby has to be regarded with stoicism and a jutting jaw. After 40 weeks or thereabouts of anticipation the time will ultimately come. It’s unavoidably uncomfortable, gruelling and painful – even if taking all the pain relief that you can get your hands on – and there’s only one way to get through it by focusing on the end point:  the reward of a tiny, perfect human being and a triumph of achievement like not other.

However, it’s nearly ten years since I had my last baby and I’m now too far removed from really remembering anything real about what birth feels like anymore. It’s therefore a cliché to say that I’m currently cock-a-hoop and full to the brim with postpartum adrenalin. I’ve finally finished finding, sorting and matching up testers for products and the painful, long, contracted process of coordinating the product testing for the Mother and Baby Awards feels like a Pregnancy and Birth behind me.

That’s 185 brands, 527 products, 509 mum testers and 3176 product samples sent out. The numbers get bigger every year and each year in the middle of all my ‘tester’ labouring I do start huffing and puffing and swearing and asking myself why am I going through this all over again…?

You wouldn’t believe how complex finding testers for most products can be! No mum can test everything, so a careful selection of questions has to be asked: Are you breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, or just going from one to the other? Have you got sore or cracked nipples or do you have a baby who won’t sleep? Do you have safe storage for larger items? Isofix in you car? A baby with colic? Do you use reusable or disposable nappies? Are you weaning, or self-weaning, and if so, at what stage?

Right age, right weight, right sex, right size, and I’m ready to give my right arm to chuck it all out the window and scream! Why don’t we just do awards for pushchairs? That would be a breeze.

Except, at the end of it all, the sense of achievement is huge and I feel like one proud mummy lovingly admiring the whopper of a baby I’ve just delivered! Truth, be known, I’d love to take a peek into all the other Parenting titles and Nursery Awards ‘cradles’ just to check them out and gloat that my baby’s much better than theirs.

30 award categories are decided entirely by these volunteer tester mums. I’ve just handed the responsibility for the winning decisions onto their shoulders alone. So now, these mums are busy this summer, currently putting all 527 different products through their paces. They will become the reviewers and ambassadors for every product that gets their vote. The winners won’t necessarily be everyone’s favourite, and some mums’ favourites won’t be winners. In a democratic system the votes are added and the highest overall scoring products take the awards….

This is the best part; I can now take a back seat and watch the reviews rolling in….

Oh no, hang on, all that computer screen blurriness and now I can no longer focus to count. Testing for 29 categories is well underway but the 30th, and in my mind the least appealing, I’ve sort of ignored. Who, of sane mind would want to test great cumbersome, awkward cots and cot beds? Your friends are not going to thank you when you turn up on the doorstep bearing a cot; “Saying, squeeze this in your tiny nursery and test this, why don’t you?”

So I’ve just sent an e-mail to tentatively ask 510 kind mums if anyone can help me, and I’ve detailed, as much as I could, why testing cots was such an awful proposition. I don’t want anyone to have any nasty surprises. Thinking that maybe, just maybe two or three brave volunteers might offer to help… I need ten testers, tops.

But can you believe it?  165 mums have e-mailed me to say they’ll love to do it. Which just goes to prove. Being a mum can make you crazy! And I definitely include myself in that!

As I said before; it’s now over to my testing mums. You might like to guest blog for me about the experiences you having a tester – wild, crazy, stupid and funny. Or e-mail me with a product review of something you are testing and really want to talk about. Or just add a comment to this. It’s up to you, needless to say that I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

77 thoughts on “M&B Awards blog: And so it is done (well almost!)

  1. I am really enjoying testing reusable nappies, i am loving the hipp hipp horray easyfit ones. Lots of people are saying i’m mad trying them (as I haven’t used them before) but even my dh is suggesting we use them for the new baby (due in Sept)
    I have to admit I am one of the mad mums who e-mailed to say i can organise cots and cot beds, i have a group of mummy friends who are up for the challenge so fingers crossed in that department.
    Jessica you must feel as if you have given birth to triplets or more with the pain it must be to organise such a massive product testing.
    I look forward to reading you latest blog and it has encouraged me to start my own.

  2. Hi…
    I am testing feeding products and as soon as the bottles arrived I had them sussed and sterilised and ready for my baby’s next feed.

    The result… she loved it! So much so we are going to buy some born free bottles as I hadn’t realised how much she didn’t get on with the bottles we had already bought.

    The trials and tribulations of being a mummy (and of course for my husband being a daddy!) are endless and good honest reviews help out so much so I am proud to be a part of the testing.

    I am another of the mad mum’s who is up for the cot challenge.

    Well done to you for organising this mammoth event!


  3. Well this is a second year for me and I have to say after last year trying to organise a group of only 6 mums I said never again……clearly I had a change of heart and once again am organising 5 mums to swop toys and fill out forms in time. Toys are fun though and I must remind myself that it’s what my daughter likes to play with and not me!

  4. I have been testing with Jessica for M&B mag for several years now and love it soooo much I think sometimes I really should get a life ha ha!! But to be honest when you have young children that is your life and we all love it when a new delivery arrived (well apart from mu husband who always says “OMG where on earth are we going to put that!”) but as usual I just ignore him and carry on ha ha. This year I am testing car seats and my children are currently fighting over who will sit in the lovely plush pink seat that has just been delivered! Not that surprising you say? Well I have 2 boys and a girl!! Infact Jacob who is 5 has spent most of the week travelling around in his lovely pink seat and enjoying himself immensely!! Having now had 3 children I feel sad to think my time testing for M&B could possibly be up and this could be my final year but I think I may sneak in again next year if I can test some toys for older children otherwise how will I fill my summer holiday living in beautiful Cornwall in the rain!!

  5. Unfortunately I was not picked this year but loved testing the products last year. Looking forward to reading all your updates on here. My youngest was one last week so fingers crossed for next year or I’ll have to start thinking about baby number 4!!!

  6. This is our second year testing as well and my son has loved opening all the packages that the postie brings he gets so excited about something for him, my baby hasn’t a clue that she is about to become a guinea pig but she seems to be taking the challenge on. My friends think I’m potty and say that they couldn’t do it but are more than willing to wander into my nursery and nab bits to take home to trial then beg me at the end to keep them.

    We also said we would be able to do cots/cotbeds when I explained it to my friends they just looked at me with a vacant look followed by a yeah no problem are you doing lunch too?

    So far my 2 2/1 yr old has dismantled nappy wrappers and tried breaking them along with using every skincare product in one go on his sisters head (she wasn’t impressed she was eating at them time) yep i can definately say all the products are being put through their paces in this house lol.
    So lets take a guess how many products are going to end up in an over enthusiastic little boys bath tonight along with his new bath ducky who is going everywhere with him today.

    Jessica I admire you with sorting all this out I have trouble getting my 2 kids out the house at a reasonable time let alone organise something like this. I take my hat off to you xxx

    Have fun testing ladies xx

  7. well done you for sorting all of this out! i had no idea you had quite that much to do, 3176 products sent out??

    people say i am mad for having a 1year old, 3 year old and 4 year old, but we are planning number 4 now, so i know what you mean when you say never again and yet end up doing it over and over lol!!

    i tested cribs and travel cots for you last year. i have to say we didnt find it a pain at all, infact i rather enjoyed making the men put the cots up, then chucking them out in the garden while we all had a glass of wine and a play with them.
    i am one of the mad ones that replied to your message, as i would love to have a little cot party again. i made some new friends as well as some of the mums brought their friends with them!

    this year one of the items we are testing is one of those rucksack baby reins things. (i wont say which brand ;-D )
    well having used it a couple of times on my youngest (1) my eldest son thomas (4) has told me ‘george doesnt need a bag mummy hes a baby and has nothing to put in it, so i think i will keep it’ he nows carries it everywhere with him, even to bed and in the bath. its still in a fantastic conditition as well considering.

    well done you anyway for sorting out these awards, and i have my fingers crossed i get to have another testing party soon!

    all the best

    nat xx

  8. Well done Jessica …. congratulations on the birth of your …. 2010 baby awards (doesn’t have the same ring I know but sentiment is there xx)

    I am testing baby monitors and have been having an interesting time with the video ones. Its wonderful to watch my little one sleeping peacefully, safe in the knowledge that I am not disturbing her. I have great peace of mind of an evening to enjoy a nice glass of wine with my husband and watch a bit of grown up telly (feeling like I almost have a life!) ….whilst still knowing I can keep an eye on my brood!

    So it seems that video monitors are a godsend and have given me my evening back ……………. indeed they have, but all is not bliss. Imagine if you will a peaceful sleep, aided by the nice glass of wine and a little later night than usual whilst watching real tv (without an inane cbeebies presenter in sight).

    Then imagine that peaceful sleep interrupted by the sound of a 3 year old impersonating a dalek “exterminate … exterminate …. exterminate…” and the vision of a giant dalek on your new wonderful video monitor. Yes …. its a new way to wake up mummy!!!!!!!!

    After establishing that I wasn’t dreaming and that no the world was not being taken over, I resigned myself to getting up …. and the fact that every silver lining has a cloud 🙂

    I hasten to add that actually I do love the video monitors and am greatful to be testing them …. I just have strange children …. but then they have a strange mum so what can I say!

  9. This is my 2nd year as well, I loved last year and got some many new items to buy.. This year I am testing safety and putting all the items through their paces.. I am so far amazed at how complex some items can be yet so easy to put together.. my favourite so far is the cuddlerobe how cute does my little one look in it walking around the house.. 🙂

    Thanks Jessica hope you can relax and enjoy watching the results come in.. 🙂

  10. I’m on my second year of testing and have thoroughly enjoyed the process again. I have been able to set up nice sized test groups for both years, and we have had some real fun moments thoroughly testing these products. It’s always a good excuse for an extra get together, and as a mum with plenty of storage space, who asked to be considered for cots / cot beds, I am hoping excitedly that we may be picked to test these so that we can have a (pre-emptively booked!) testing barbecue!

    Just yesterday, a small group of us were playing catch with a weaning bowl full of warm water, and shaking it over each others heads (and our own). Thankfully this was the one product which did not leak, and so we were suitably impressed.

    My friends & I strive, each year, to not only make testing fun and inviting for the adults and babies involved, we also try very hard to test products very rigarously… sacrificing a bottle of wine to test a transport bag to see if our car seat covers would be safe, trying to drink through baby sippy cups for ourselves, and having very large, very fun play-dates for all of the little ones to test toys, weaning products, and various other things.

    Today in fact, I have a group of toddlers coming to see how much damage they can do by “squidging” with a travel / weaning product. They’ve set the shopping list for squidging, and we cant wait!

    So yes, M&B testing has become a truely family orientated & fun occasion for both my family and the families of my volunteer testers. I hope to have the honour of testing and reviewing again in the future too. :0)

      • That would be Brother Max. Im really hopeful that it is a winner or very highly rated. I have found it excellent and will be going out to buy some more.


        It’s been thrown by babies, filled with warm water and then shaken over heads, chilled, heated, trodden on by a toddler (because in households with small children these things do happen), chewed, Scrubbed to witnin an inch of its life and then filled with hot bolognaise and then plunged into a freezer (we all know what that does to bowls and tubs after all!)… and its come through all of the tests. Its a pretty awesome little bowl AND you get your spoons for the £6 price tag too. Very impressed with it. Do you think I could comission one in Husband size though ? ;0)

  11. Q to natalie o’dwyer

    Are those the little Life Back Packs ? They Rock !

    I have 5 children, planning number 6 at some point… My hubby would love 8, but 8 c/sections, maybe not!

    We’ll be respite fostering in the future though for sure. :0)

    I think every parent knows their own limitations, and the right number of children for them, and if you’ve not had your “right number”, you’ll never shift that broody feeling.

    P.S … Jessica, if the system has lost the 37 reviews I’ve put through so far this week, I think I may cry… lots and lots and lots ! I also think my co-testers may kill me ! LOL.

  12. This is also our second year testing and after last year I kept my fingers crossed to get picked to help out again!! After finding out I had been picked to test safety products, I awaited the items with baited breath!

    I can safely say that my city link delivery man thinks I now have an obsession with stair gates!! He even asked me how many sets of stairs I had in the house to warranty such a number of safety gates!! I explained to him that I keep my kids fenced in with them all to limit the damage to the house….smiled and thanked him…took the delivery and got my drill out!!

    This joke story to him has now become reality and I can safely say, not only have a fenced my kids and their dad in the house, but everyone else out!! There are now 4 gates in our downstairs floor, some being admired by everyone, some being angrily shaken and the occasional shout of “I cant get through it….” and that’s from my other half!!

    He has done a lot more stepping over rather than walking through and I will be completing a questionnaire with him, because I wondered when we fit such things in the house, that we are of course experts with, how our partners feel about it!! Well, for once….for the sake of the Mother & Baby awards…..I thought I’d ask him….

    So it is with pride that I too can confess that I also offered to test cots, because having 2 under 3 and another on the way, I can admit that this is the most fun thing I can think to do this summer and long may I be picked to participate!!!

    Thanks Jessica!!

  13. This is my second year of testing car seats and all the kids love it! They like choosing which seat to sit in and the hands down favourite so far is the Graco Nautilus. The kids love the cup holder and cubby holes and I love the ease of installation and the quality of the seat as a whole.

    I’m also one of the crazy ones who wants to test cot beds, I like to test products out before buying them! Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky ones!


  14. Admiring the boldness of your bed/cot volunteers. Wow. Well done, getting products & people and categories matched, becuase it will ultimately make a difference to a lot of Moms/Dads/babies to know that real babies used the things and they actually worked! Or didn’t!

  15. Hiya Ladies,

    First of all congratulations Jessica, the other night i asked myself ” could i do what she is doing?” and my answer? Nooooo way haha, never in a month of Sundays!! So well done hunnie, i think you have done extremely well in putting all this together!
    This is my first year testing for the awards and i have got to say i am just loving it! I got so excited when i got the email, i mean i was literally bouncing up and down on the sofa when my partner walked through the door!! Bearing in mind he had been at work for 11 hours and the veg for his dinner were boiling dry because i thought it was more important to email back! We went through the same sort of process every time a new product came to the door!

    So far i think i have just about loved every product i have tested (travel products) We have had one glitch though, we got the Nuby insulated Flip It to test. Now i thought great another cup to go along with the 10 million others that are mounting up under my cupboard!! You see my daughters favorite game is to take a drink from a cup/bottle and then to spit the juice/milk wherever she can get it! Not very nice when you have a brand new carpet and white sofa in the living room!
    So anyway we started to use the cup as soon as we got it, my daughter got on with it really well and was just ” drinking ” her juice for the first time in ages! This was until she had finished it all and threw the cup at me (i guess her way to tell me she had finished) Now we were outside at the time, so my partner picked the cup up and put it straight in the baby bag. We got home later on and he filled it up for her and have it back. She still seemed to have forgot about her new little game, when i noticed the cup was broken , all the outer edge had cracked and broken away leaving it with a big hole in the insulted bit that was sharp and really quite dangerous!
    So i did what i usualy so when something grinds my gears! I emailed the company, they got back to me within hours and sent a replacement out to me within a few days, which i thought was great! The new cup is brilliant, she still isnt spitting anyting out, i think its because its a straw she has to swallow the juice before she takes her mouth away! So the result in the end is we love this cup! Would and have recomended it to fellow mummies!!

    Well i guess im going on now haha, but just wanted to say i was asso one of the crazy ones that wanted to test cots and cot beds too, we have 2 other couples that would be doing it at our house over a few drinks, i cant wait untill we actually find out weather we have been picked, at least then the phone calls from my cousin 3 times a day asking me if i have had an email yet will stop!!!

  16. Jessica,

    the Graco sweetpeace has been the best thing for my social life! Believe me!! 😉
    To start with , I was testing it along with 3 neighbours that also have small babies.
    It has been the perfect reason to get together with our babies,toddlers,husbands,grannies etc…and my house was already starting to become THE new place to be…lol…
    But I was left open-mouthed when 2 days ago someone knocked on my door with a crying baby telling me that she had heard that I had THE solution for a restless baby!!!
    She looked so desperate…blesss…the next thing I know is that her boy was sleeping like an angel in the ‘spaceship’ ( that’s how we call it because of all it ‘s features and the fact that he really does take our babies to some new sleeping dimension!!!!…;-)
    Everybody around me loves the Sweetpeace,there are few minor negative things like it would have been perfect if the parental lock was hidden as my 19 months old son understood in 5mns how to unlock it…
    But overall it has been the best sleeping and entertaining ( thanks to the toys provided..) item I have ever possessed…it is really complete.
    And we are now a group of 6 mothers with babies but also toddlers so not only me but my 19 months old son has some new friends!!..hipip hooray!!!…lol…
    Some mothers even want to try some of my items that are not part of the ‘mother and babies awards’!!
    I am becoming an adviser and the new IT mum..lol..LOVE IT

  17. This is my second year doing the awards and have got my little group of testers putting some lightweight strollers through their paces.
    I’ve even got the dads involved this year and my 14yr old nephew is very good at telling us what he does/doesn’t like about them lol
    I was really excited to get my hands on the Bugaboo Bee plus because I had the original Bee when Oliver was a little baby but got rid of it because it was too hard for me to use having arthritus but am very pleased to say that all the new improvements are excellent and 100% better than the old Bee.
    My sister has loved using the M&P Voyage and is kicking herself because she was going to buy one for her son but bought a different make instead!
    I’ll also hold my hands up to being one of the nutters who agreed to test cots/cotbeds if needed, I just love trying out new products and giving my opinion on them.
    Just a shame Oliver is my last baby cause I could do this every year.

  18. Hi everyone, great to read all your comments, it is good to read real mums reviews of these products. I like you all am loving testing the products. This is my first year and i would love to continue doing this in the future. I am impressed with the Aquasolari product which i am testing. It is a bed mat for protecting the bed whilst toilet training. So much better than the plastic sheets that make the child sweat and can be noisy. Also testing other nursery products such as the grobag that feels lovely, the nappy disposal that locks away smells etc. My 3 year old toddler is loving trying all the creams, lotions and potions and my 4 week old is just wondering what is going on??!! I too have offered to try the cots/cotbeds…my 4 week old has been born with that button in her bum that knows when she is put in her cradle so hoping that a different cot/cotbed may help!! Finally, Well done Jessica…you are doing a great job!

  19. hiya all, this is my first year being a tester and sooo excited (sad i know lol) anyways, my little boy’s face lights up when our postie rings the bell…bless him. We have the task of nursery, weaning, and bottle feeding, just hope they all come soon lol.

    Heres another voter for Brother max the home & travel bowl is great!! even my little one sits there holding it himself while eating a snack in it…deff thumbs up.

    Also i think some of you are brave having the cots haha i wish i could but lack of space has made me sit on my hands and not email jessica saying YES YES YES.

    Also my middlest is testing (not that he knows lol) a Pourty Potty which i think is ace, i would deff recomend this to people potty training

    One last thing thanks for letting me be a tester this year hope i do ok lol and well done Jessica for all your hard work

    Dawn, Jack, Rhys, Dylan 🙂

  20. This is my third year testing and i am loving it already. I am currently testing weaning products and baby foods, my 10 month old baby is not interested at all in the jars we have been sent however my two year old has now decided she wants to be a food critic and is sampling as many different flavours in each meal sitting as she can. She absolutely love the cow and gate banana muesli (and she never eats cereal only toast normally) and has absolutely loved every wonderful flavour of the hipp organic stage 2 pots (the pots are also great after the food has been eaten). They have both been enjoying the hipp organic little nibbles rice crackers (as have my cat) and we have all been fighting over the hipp organic little nibbles elephant biscuits (these are great from dunking in a brew). As for the weaning products nothing has really jumped out at me yet, i have a non spill cup that leaks and a drying rack that although it does exactly what it says it does to a seasoned mum i cant help but thing that the £15 could be better spent elsewhere.

    I am also really hoping to get the cots and cot beds as will need a new one soon for dd2 and would be good to try some out first.

    Good luck to all you other testers and have fun x

  21. This is our 2nd year of testing. I have 2 daughters, 21 weeks and 21 months. We have been lucky enough to test reuseable nappies. I have always used real nappies with both girls but it really nice to have ones that we can use on both children. Even though we are still waiting on a couple companies, I have been very impressed with the sample we have. They all do the same thing but its amazing how different each is…

    Thanks and well done Jessica!!! Enjoy your muched deserved break with your family. Hopefully no more 5 a.m. emails from you 🙂

  22. Hi everyone , This is my first time testing products for Mother and Baby and have to say i was so excited when i got chosen to be apart of testing Bath time products , almost as excited as when i found out i was pregnant with Evie-May ha ha whom may i add is now 10 weeks old and a little angel and most definatley the cleaniest baby in the midlands testing all these bath products ha .
    I have to say these products are fabulous, but we especially love the TippiToes mini baby bath , watching Evie-mays face when its bath time is priceless!! The ease , comfort and peace of mind this product offers is second to none .. Evie – may loves it the best !!
    I have also opted to test cots/cotbeds , ive got 6 friends that are all new mums again whom are willing to help out with testing so this is exciting times .
    Well done Jessica for all your hard work !!!

  23. I loved testing the baby toys when my little girl was small (shes now 3) and this year I was picked to trial best breastfeeding product and bottle feeding products.
    I know how a cow feels now all this milking! lol but loving it, some really great products out there.
    I must say there is a maternity and nursing pillow that is fab, i love it so much! even take it to bed to cuddle! lol
    Hope everyone is enjoying testing.

  24. This is my first year testing and I am really exciting about it. My husband thinks I am a little crazy, but hey we women are!

    Firstly thank you Jessica for managing such a mammoth task, I take my hat off to you. And thank you for giving me the chance to test for M&B, I feel very lucky!

    I am testing breastfeeding products along with some bottles for breastfeeding mums. I enjoyed receiving all the parcels, a bit like a child during xmas opening her presents :). My dd1 (nearly 3) is a little jealous seeing the baby and mummy try out all the new ‘goodies’ but she is now content playing with the breastfeeding pillows and is helping mummy try out the new bottles for baby. I will write about them later.

    The breastfeeding pillows especially the Theraline nursing and maternity pillow is great, I think somebody mentioned it above, that you can cuddle it bed (sorry hubby!) but it really is great and has many uses, my dd1 reads her books on it lieing down when I am not using it myself for resting and breastfeeding. I am also testing breastpumps…I have to say Medela pumps are great! The Freestyle version is great, I am lucky to be testing it, the humour is you do feel a bit like a cow when you have both breasts going, but it does it pretty fast and effectively and it rather comfortable. Hubby’s comments are quite funny when he saw me using the pump, but I think he was more surprised how good it was. Thanks Medela!

    I have also been crazy to want to test cot and cot beds, it seems fun and I really hope I get chosen! 🙂

  25. I too would like to thank you Jessica for giving me, my children and group of testers the opportunity to test products for the second year running. I am testing travel cots this year and my older two sons 5yrs and 4yrs have had great fun helping to assemble the travel cots and my 13 mth old seems to be enjoying the testing. All of my testing group have excitedly awaited the products arrivals and we have used it as an excuse for a coffee and playdate so we can all get to grips with how the travel cots go up and down before we have each taken one to test for a week. Even our husbands have embrassed the testing experience and have helped transport and erect and dismantle the travel cots when required. I too luckly have extra space and room in my house and this has helped no end and has enabled me to put several products up at one time. My husband having experienced last years testing was almost as excited as I was when I recieved the email confirming I had been selected again. We both priviledged and grateful for being selected. As with some of the previous comments from testers I have been able to reccommend products I have had the privildge of testing. One of my favourites from last year was the Summer Infant Sleep positioner with heartbeat. I also think brother max’s home and travel bowl is a must for every parent. All three of my sons enjoy using the bowls at meal times for different reasons and I find them so comfortable to hold and use. Happy testing everyone.

  26. The pillow was as the other lady mentioned the Theraline nursing and maternity pillow, its so nice the quality is lovely, so so pleased with it.
    Also as already mentioned the Medela Freestyle is amazing, although looks so funny when its on. I wanted to try it out as soon a it was delivered but figured I better not as had more deliveries i was waiting for the same day. Dont think the courier would be to impressed if i opened the door with 2 pumps attached to me! lol

  27. This is my second year of testing too and have loved every minute, the other half thinks I turn into a monster when theres a knock at the door as I barge past him to answer it – well lets face it the parcels are for me not him and if I dont get there first hes already opening them and saying things like “oh wow look at this” & “Did you know about this”.
    We have tested baby monitors and skincare products this year and I have to say I havent found anything a dissapointment. The children smell wonderful (not that they didnt before, they’ve just had tons of different products on them and many we’ve never heard of let alone bought).
    My favourite product has been the Summer Secure Sleep handheld monitors as theyve enabled me to see my little ones sleeping and keep a close eye on my 13month old who decided to burn his hand on a radiator, after his trip to A & E to have bandages applied he found a new game of taking the bandages off so the monitors were fantastic for making sure he had them in place all night and if he didnt I could simply nip upstairs and sort it out instead of camping in the room all night.
    I too have asked to test cots – yes Im mad but I love the challenge and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing the other half try to put something together withou having a swearing fit.
    Jessica I’ve said it before you are Superwoman – I couldnt do this amount of organising nor would I want too xXx

  28. how chuffed am i??!! can’t tell you how made up i was to see the email ‘mother & baby testing panel’ in my inbox!! felt like i had won the baby lottery heh, i was thrilled to be picked and i’m in the process of testing the baby baths. Lily ages 14 weeks adores bathtime and has done since she was born so i can’t tell you how excited i was in getting the bath products to test as the boring old baby bath was wearing a bit thin with my and my partner and especially as he’s never mastered the art of cradling Lilys head whilst washing her!! i can tell you that bath number one thats being tested at the moment..the amazing tippitoes minibath is…. FABBBY!!!
    LOVE IT LOVE IT..thats my partner shouting that at me as i’m writing this as he feels like a proper daddy now able to bath Lily without the poor little mites head being completely submerged and her looking like a bubbly snowman afterwards!!
    we’ve had nearly a week of using this now so can’t wait to check out the others, still think this is going to be a firm favourite with my partner though…thanks again for all the time and effort you put in to these awards and for giving mummies like me a chance to test out great products xx

  29. I’m in my 2nd year of testing too. It’s a great experience and friends keep asking how I got involved but I can’t remember (it was a post natal daze!) I’m testing weaning products and toddler food.
    My little one has loved opening the boxes as they arrive and loves the Nuby Insulated cup more than the sippy straw one (me too). He is merrily ploughing his way through the variety of Organix Goodies and Hipp Organic snacks that have arrived so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the other foods that are on their way as I haven’t seen some of them in the shops.
    I have received a Tidy Tray, which I’m not a fan of so far, I can see the benefits and need to keep going for a while longer.
    Thank you for your organisation Jessica – hopefully I can squeeze in a 3rd year of testing or do I need to persuade hubby my little boy needs a sister?!

  30. me again… Quick follow up used our Mebby Meal set tonight WOW i’m liking this, the suction part actually stayed stuck!!! we even had lasagne and the bowl came up white again, lol was looking at it all orange thinging NOooooo its ruined but washed up and looks new again YAY sooo excited – other half thinks that i’m strange men eh??

    On a bad note tried my bibi age adaptable bottle (went for the sports cap attachment) and it leaked to start with all over little man – think him in doors didn’t put lid on right, i hope, then picked it up off the floor bit later as my boys seam to chuck things on the floor and think be ok mums there to pick that up, yea hes 11 months but leant well after his brothers GRrrrr anyways getting off track here, picked it up and its not a non-spill type ARGHhhh no idea why i picked that style thought it would of been and to be honest think i should of checked it fisrt but he grabbed it off me and crawled off lol
    ah well we learn lol.

    right off to clean all my tester bottle and cups we have to test Woohoooo

  31. I and my baby friends (and their partners – we are taking no excuses from the Daddies) are testing baby carriers and it is so much fun. The babies are laughing at us though – “where is she taking us now? which carrier is this? is she really going to see if we fall out by doing that funny walk again? ahh too tight! ahh too loose! that can’t be right surely!, if I kick hard enough I reckon she may topple over like a weeble! I may be within the weight limit but I am way too old to be strapped to your front Mum even if I am facing out!”. Can’t wait to get together with the others now and get their reviews!

  32. I’m a first time tester this year and am SO excited to be doing this! Bits and pieces are turning up and my little boy loves the Lasinoh pump so far – well the box anyway as he wanted to talk to the baby on it! He kept patting the box and looking confused as to why the other baby didn’t want to play LOL

    He’s also interested in the food we’ve been sent – he hasn’t tried it yet but he likes holding the pots and turning them over and he hasn’t managed to open them himself yet which is a definite plus!

    I’m loving my breast vest – stretch marks? I have a road atlas on my stomach and was tucking a muslin (how could we survive without these bits of cloth?) into the bottom of my bra which was time consuming and when boy wants feeding he wants it NOW! Wearing this little number has fixed that nicely…

    I’m another nutter who’s said yes please to testing the cots and cot beds and my Mummy friends keep asking if I know whether they can come and build cots yet! We’re all first time Mums but most of us are hoping for little brothers or sisters (or more!) for our first borns and hope that we get to help out other first time Mummies by testing stuff out as we’ve discovered what a mine field it can be and tell each other all the time about amazing stuff we’ve found or stuff we haven’t got on with…

    Well done Jessica in organising all of this, I figured it was a lot but had no idea just how many products there were, or how many testers! I’m loving the experience and hope to play again next year!

  33. Jessica, you make one Publisher very very happy indeed! Congratulations on your new addition, hope the pain relief eased the stress of this year’s birth

  34. I still have a couple of things to arrive but I have already started testing the breastfeeding products. So exciting! I was actually looking at buying an electronic breastpump online when I happened to check my emails and discovered I’d be testing 3 of them for you. Thank you so much!

  35. After writing only about my ‘oh so great’ experience with the Graco Sweetpeace, it is time now to share the one I had with the other best newborn sleep aids that I have luckily received!
    The 37 Degrees swaddling blanket is a treat!..It is supposed to help maintaining and regulating the baby’s temperature thanks to the use of so called ‘smart textile’.
    First,I was impressed by the lovely packaging,then I realized that it came with an additional vest for my little one…how thoughtful is that!!?
    I also received a very kind email from a lady called Karen giving me some helpful tips in how to use it!
    The softness of the fabric is amazing ( my 19 months old son keeps stoking it and want to use it as the comfort blanket!!!) and I have noticed that my baby’s body stay cooler not only when used as the swaddling blanket but also when used while breastfeeding,instead of his normal clothes ,I wrap my baby in it and he feels much more confortable especially in this hot weather.
    I like to think that it might be an other little help in reducing the awful cot death…
    I will definitely recommend it http://www.37degreesltd.com
    I also like the Chicco magic lantern;it has got a clever design and a nice attention to details,lovely realistic nature sounds,soothing musics and soft different light colors.
    It does take the whole family onto the sleeping road but my 19 months old like to take it to his room and sleep with it…it is nice to see that some items can grow with your little one therefore worth the investment…especially if it can help them to sleep!!!!
    The Nuby bedlite buddies is nice and soft but it s a shame that the light and music does not stay on long enough to soothe my baby and help him to fall asleep…once again it is my older son that plays with it and I have to say that it has been of a great help to take him,and keep him,to bed without having a tantrum.
    Thanks to Jessica and all those great sleeping aids I have been able to catch up with my beauty sleep!!!
    So actually they have been beneficial for the whole family : More sleep= relaxed mum/wife=happy husband…lol….
    Next time I will share with you my experience with the best weaning and breastfeeding products.

  36. I am a tester for the first year and was so so delighted to be picked. I am testing a Nappy disposal unit which i love – its great- definite winner in our house.
    I have never had one of these as i thought this is a luxury item and i could spend the money on something else as i can always run to the outside bin…… although this does’nt always suit if its first thing in the morning and you need to get rid of that smell and you have to run outside in your PJ’s and hope none of the neighbours catch you !! Lol So no more ducking the neighbours for me !!
    I have said yes to the cot testing – hubby has been warned that he may be in for a fun filled day of demonstrations – secretly think he is looking forward to showing off his handy man skills. He better wear his ear plugs when i get all my yummy mummys together for a good old chat.
    Anyway thanks Jessica – its great having the blog to entertain me- keeps me away from the online shopping.

  37. well I am going to write to you with my guest blog… just need to write it first hehehe 😀

    Love reading everyone’s comments 😀

    Jessica you really do a fabulous job… if not for you then how would all us lovely ladies dreams come true 😀

  38. I’ve enjoyed reading your Blog Jessica and I really don’t envy you! I hope you get some rest on your holiday.

    My favourite product that I’ve tested is the Lindam Flexigate. Its like a baby safety gate but more of a temporary barrier. For holidays and visits to relatives it folds up quite small and packs into the travel bag it comes with. I use it every day around the house to quickly contain my little darling in one room or another without the need to have gates attached to every doorway. Its perfect for when theres a knock at the door or the phone rings, I can quickly make sure my daughter is safe. I would certainly recommend this product and wish I’d had it with my first child.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    A huge congratulations on once again making this all happen! If I wore a hat I would tip my hat to you!

    Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to test for the Mother and Baby Awards!

    This year we (along with the rest of my close!) are testing the Group 1 Car Seats and I am keeping my blog (and SFR) up to date with the reviews and thoughts on the car seats!

    The link is: http://sfrproductreviews.wordpress.com

    I am sure you will see by the pics that Liv is enjoying being a guinea pig and is rather comfy!

    Thank you once again!

  40. This is my first year being a tester and I must say I feel very lucky to have been chosen.
    We are testing Travel systems which for someone with a bit of a pram fetish over the yrs like me im in pram heaven.
    We are having great fun meeting up with friends and family passing the travel systems around, it’s funny how different people notice different things about each product.
    As for my little girl Layla she seems to have her favourite already she loves the free harness in the Mamas and papas Luna Mix, allowing her to sit and move around freely although I must say when I first received this travel system we thought the bck fitting on the harnes was broken as no mention of the free harness in there booklet however after searching the net I soon found it was ment to be like that, and the problem was soon resolved. I would also like to mention a guy called Dominic from Britax who called and sent some links with regards to fitting of the carseat which was very helpful.

    Jessica Thankyou x

  41. We have also been testing bottle feeding products and weaning products alongside the reusable nappies. Any gadgets that come through the door my husband pounces on them. We have been testing the Avent Digital steriliser what we have found really useful as it keeps everything sterile for 24hrs. My husband took great delight opening it up and giving it a go, cleaning all the drinking cups we got and cleaning out all our bottles then giving them a sterilise.
    We are also testing the drying station which when we got it thought it was rather pointless but we have found it more than useful. Our drying board doesn’t get full of bottles and cups. The only down side is it’s price at £14.99 if it was half the price it would be fantastic.
    Thank you Jessica for organising a mammoth task

  42. Thanks Jessica for picking me. I love testing products and so does my 9 month old daughter. She’s never taken to a cup before but loves the MAM hold me bottle and the Nuby super sipper bottle (doesn’t hold this one though).
    She’s also a very fussy eater but loves the mango dessert from Organix. Now I have to scour the shops for it!
    The toys are ok but none of my testers are overly impressed by them, we think they should have a higher age on them but we just love testing so we know what to buy and what not to buy! Can I do this full time instead of going back to work ? 🙂

  43. I just want to say how grateful I am for having the opportunity to be able to have been a product tester, I feel so priviledged to have been chosen.
    I’m feeling quite sad that it is coming to an end, the excitement I felt as the postman came with a package and the emails asking me to test some more products, (Although the testing and reviewing isn’t over yet : )
    I really appreciate all the hard work you have done Jessica, it makes me exhausted just thinking about everything you must do. 4000 applicants, over 500 testers, the amounts of emails you must send to companies and testers and the quieries you must get.
    You must be the most organised woman in the world so thank you!!

  44. I’m testing breastfeeding products and bottlefeeding products.

    Today has been interesting, I was expressing whilst washing up, so that was good fun! I’m washing the other pump I have recieved ready to try it tomorrow, and also the self heating bottle is going to be trialed tomorrow!

  45. Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog (and for adding me to your blogroll). I have quietly swung past here (via Handpicked) before but didn’t want to comment in case I seemed like the odd one out! Anyway if you ever hear a call for testing of IVF or a softer, gentler speculum you just send them my way!

    And hopefully one day I’ll be on the labour wards gritting my teeth and thinking it could be worse, I could be matching up mothers with cots!

    • Thank you for swinging by my ‘peculiarly surreal’ labour room. Your blog is brilliant, bitter-sweet and very funny. Being a mother, or the lack of being one, can be a sober reminder that life doesn’t always goes according to plan.

      I have a disabled child of 13 which is certainly more of a parenting challenge than I bargained on. I only wish I could blog about it with the same humour as you do…There are days when I really need to laugh my way through it….but you may have shown me the way!

      It is also evident, that you still have a fully functioning mind. The downside of pregnancy and birth is the way it renders a good brain into a soupy mess from which it never fully recovers.

  46. Hiya
    I am testing safety products this year which is excellent as I have stair gates everywhere lol. So all my four boys are having fun being shut in certain rooms and not being able to get out lol. I am so thankful to have been chosen again this year to test products as it makes my six weeks holiday more fun for me and my children as they enjoy seeing what new stuff we get to play with. Also my youngest sons love the minipack they fill it up and take it everywhere with them I must recommend this product to others as it is ideal. As they carry their stuff and I can make sure that they dont run off as it has a rein on the back of the rucksack.
    So a big thank you to Jessica who puts in all the hard work and gets this organised and up and running each year.

  47. As the husband of a M&B tester (Sian above) I’d like to thank Jessica for the effort that must go into organising this.

    We have had great fun testing out the products sent to us, and yes I was overly excited about the steriliser!

    It’ll certainly give me a few ideas for my own site aimed at Dads (why are all the parenting sites just full of mums? I’m confused and will try to redress the balance!) Don’t know if I can link it here?

  48. Breatfeeding while typing – all thanks to the fantastic theraline pillow!! I know that I’m meant to spend every minute feeding enjoying the bonding and gazing at my 6week old son but every now and then a little internet can’t hurt!
    Alongside feeding products we have had a fab time testing the bouncy chairs, my mummy friends and I talk about little else now, I had no idea how different they would all be when you actually have your baby in them and also how spending more doesn’t neccesarily mean your baby loves it more!
    Thanks Jessica for picking us, is testing reason enough to keep having children?

  49. Hello all, sounds like you’re having a great time testing all these products, speaking from the other side my product is being tested and I am terrified and feeling quite sick about it!

    Jessica I know exactly how you feel, I often compare the creation of what I do to be my 3rd child, involving what feels like blood sweat and tears! However my labour is lasting now oooh roughly about 2 years, babies and lack of funds prolonging the agony o-:

    My customers so far have loved what I do I’m just praying that you testers out there agree and are feeling the benefits. Just thought some of you might like to know how it feels coming from the other side (-:

  50. Hi Jessica

    We’re having so much fun testing the baby bathtime products and Lily is having a superb time!! We’re now onto the “summer deluxe baby bather” and imagine my delight when i realised my little princess (who has been decked out in pink since she emerged from the womb :), would be bathing in my idea of heaven…a pink flower power bath seat!!! i want one!! , there’s nothing to dislike about this product as its fun, lovely to look at and very safe to use. Daddy is having so much fun bathing Lily now and she no longer looks at him in horror when he is bathing her lol..i refer to the one and only time she escaped from his clutches and catapulted under when she was about 3 weeks old, bless him..he was tormented for days!! She adores being in this bath and can easily kick her legs and have a good splash with her hands..my only recommendation would be for some sort of toy bar to go across the product? but thats just a thought and it is a really lovely bathtime product and wish they did slightly bigger versions for as she’s getting bigger.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to test out some amazing baby items..we are loving it!! xx

  51. Hi Jessica and all,

    Firstly, I would like to thanks Jessica for picking me and my babies (not really, they are 14 months Caitlin and 32 months Kieran) to test the products!!
    This year we are testing the Best Skincare Range products! My husband nearly die when he see the parcels!!! There are nearly 30 bottles to try!! LOL!
    There are 2 companies that are my flavorite.
    They are Little me Baby Organic and Asda Little Angels.
    I love Little me Baby Organic shhh sleepy head product. I used it on my children and of course myself and my husband! Cant believe it really works!! The children all had a great sleep after the bath. As for my husband and I, we couldn’t keep our eyes open after using the wash & Shampoo! We really feel very relax and we both had a great sleep!
    Next one is Asda Little Angels. They are really great value and smell really nice! I really like the Liquid Talc. Our first reaction when we see the liquid talc is huh?? what is that? But after using it on ourselves too, we really love it. It is like rubbing the lotion/liquid on to ourselves, it evaparate and leave our skin really really smooth!!
    Thanks for reading and happy testing everyone!

    • I am also testing the Best Skincare range and I have to say WOW!!!! I have 4 children and between them, my Husband and myself we are all fighting over which brand to use next!!!
      I agree with Eileen- the Asda range is really great value and they have that great traditional ‘baby’ smell! But…the Little me Baby Organics range is perfect for a little bit of pampering! They seem to cover all areas!

      However, the Welleda range for me has proved to be the most beneficial.. I have suffered for a long time with a very sensitive scalp. I have used numerous anti dandruf shampoos, moisturising products and sensitive ranges, but have always been left with a sore itchy scalp. Not with these products!!! They have been so soothing. I am sure some may find the herbal fragrance off putting, but I love it!! During the first few days of testing I was concerned whether or not to test this range on my 4 yr old Harry as he suffers with Eczema, Milk, Soya, pollen and Pet Fur allergies. Within 30 mins of Emailing the compny I had a phone call from their Pharmacist in Glasgow who gave me lots of advice and even mentioned arranging a homeopathic ‘personal’ shampoo for Harry. WOW! What service!!! As it turned out Harry reacted to the Oil, but seems to tollerate the Shampoo/Body wash. This may seem quite trivial to most people, but I have been through 4 years of trialing products (at my own expense) to find a suitable cleanser for Harry. For Customer Service alone I would give them 5 stars!

      Buying baby products can be quite a daunting process, most of us go by recomendation from friends and family. What a wonderful possition it is to be in, to be able to trial such a cross section of products and to give them a ‘true’ comparison by testing them on our most treasured ‘possesions’ Our Little Ones! Thanks Jessica for giving us this opportunity!!!

  52. hi everyone this is our second year of testing, last year we did baby food which my daughter loved..all the yummy snacks. This year were testing reuable nappies, something i wasnt too sure of and alot of people have questioned why would i do it, including grandma who wouldnt use them overnight! but weve really enjoyed testing them, theyre easier than i thought, well once you get your head around how they all fit together because each brand are a little different but they are much easier than i thought, and easy to wash which is a plus.
    I can safely say my daughter has also enjoyed testing these nappies, especially the wonderoos as they have a very soft velor sort of outer material which weve not heard the end of this morning, shes been continously stroking her nappy saying “nappy soft, ooo” very cute and good to know she likes them. And weve had no nappy rash since we started using these, which is a big deal for my daughter as she gets it every few days. Also our big stuffed pingu has enjoyed them too, as he had to wear one last week when faith insisted “penguin nappy on” before we could leave the house.
    hope everyone else is finding the nappies as easy as we are! happy testing everyone x

  53. Hi again, just had to tell all about my morning. Well I was woken by the phone ringing this morning, answered it and it was my big sister who’s testing lightweight strollers with me. She had phoned to ask if it was ok if she took the stroller she had across the path on the field to walk her dog, I just burst out laughing! You are suppposed to be testing it out which means doing what you’d normally do I replied but she was worried about getting it dirty!! I would of carried on laughing until I realised that it was 9.45am and she had woke me up from the first lie in I’ve had in about 14yrs

  54. Last year I tested reuseable nappies and am pleased to say still use them now.
    This year we were choosen for Travel and safety.. We have had fun with this lot of products as my son is now 16mth so can get involved.. We have really enjoyed the Gro travel sleeping bag. And the Munchin booster travel high chair has been all over and had a few bottoms in it too!!!
    Keep up the good work Jessica xx

  55. Hi
    We’re having fun with the newborn toys which this year seem to be a lot of babygyms – which is no bad thing. It’s amazing how even small babies know what they like ( mine and my testers babies are 3-4 months old) – whilst I love one of the gyms, my lo isn’t that interested. And I’ve alreay had a rave review for the Taf toys newborn gym – my tester had put her gym away as her baby just wasn’t interested. The day after she got the taf toys one, she sent a text to say that this one was a big hit and was staying out. I forsee a fight to get this one back from her this week as it’s my turn and we can’t wait!

  56. Hi everyone

    firstly I’d like to say thank you to Jessica for choosing me as a tester. As a first time mom the amount of choice out there for everything is pretty daunting and I’m grateful to be given the chance to test a few things out for free!

    My favourite is the thrupenny bits breastfeeding pillow – it makes uncomfortable feeding a thing of the past. It’s nice and firm and sits well around the waist with adjustable ties. It also hides my podgy belly which is an added bonus! It’s lightweight, portable and the fabric isn’t mumsy! It can also be used as a handbag and baby support after feeding has finished so it has a long shelf life. it’s A+ all round.

    Another goodie for me is the Avent electric pump. I already have Avent bottles and a microwave sterilizer and the pump has just fitted in with my expressing schedule perfectly. I can get about 4 oz from each side in 15 minutes and it can be expressed straight into an avent bottle. It has a memory function as well so once you have input your ideal pumping rhythm it remembers it at the touch of a button. Great product.

    Once again, I’d like to say thanks to Jessica and also to all of the companies taking part for allowing me to test their products.

  57. A big thank you to Jessica for choosing me again this year!! Myself and my 2 sons have absolutely loved testing the travel products. We’ve just returned from a 3 week camping holiday in France so the items have truly been put to good use.
    The 1 tog GROBAG is amazing, my 15 month old slept well in it every night, the design is fantastic, agreat retro pattern that doesn’t show the dirt. Essential! His sleep could’ve been positively affected by the FOLDING TRAVEL COT MATTRESS from KIT FOR KIDS which is super-soft and turned my cheap travel cot into a deluxe version. Also he didn’t get any problems with mosquito bites which could’ve been due to the Eucalyss relellant layer. The two items combined meant I got some much needed R&R.
    Sadly I had to use the BABY AID COMPACT FIRST AID KIT while away as my youngest had a sky high temperature due to an ear infection. The two day stick on thermometer was brilliant once I’d taken the time to read the instructions. You are supposed to stick it under your babies’ arm where you can then monitor the temperature for two days due to it’s ultra stickiness, unfortunately in my panic I treated it like a feverscan and stuck it to his forehead. He was not amused when I added to his pain by ripping it off!!
    All in all I’m loving the experience of being a tester. I’ve just got to convince my OH that it’s tome to have another baby so I can get involved in the newborn testing categories next year…

  58. Hi All
    We’re having so much fun testing the baby bathtime products, we’ve given each one a thorough good testing over a good few days each and now we’re on to our last but one product which we’ve been testing for the past week. The Summer Right Height Tub is amazing!! We love it!! It is cracking value for money as it has so many uses as Lily gets bigger, she adores this bath and the pictures i’ve taken of her show just how much she loves it!! It makes bathtime a doddle for me & my partner as she can kick her legs freely and have a good splash everywhere…if only the baby seat was a tiny bit wider as my little princess has a podgy belly heh..but overall its a lovely item which we have found to be our favourite bathtime product so far.
    A big thanks again to Jessica for choosing us as testers..we have had a fab time xxx

  59. We have been testing the lightlife backpack and I think it is fab.. We are currently on holiday and it has been so handy for beach trips and walks around the park 🙂

  60. I’m testing the Best Baby Monitor this year. I would like to said I will highly recommended Tomy UK Digital Plus TD350.
    They are stylish, clear sounds, different colour nightlights, having the right basic functions like temp, 2 way talk back… Really love it!

  61. I have really enjoyed testing all the breast pumps and bottles and nursing pillows, its definitely been a enjoying few weeks at home with such variety! Thank you Jessica for giving me this chance.

    I mainly breastfeed my little one and express occasionally. I tested 3 different which are all made by Medela. The Harmony, Mini Electric and Freestyle. They are all great products, some are for occasional use and others for for frequent use. Of the three, my favourite has to be the Freestyle, its lets you pump both breasts at the same time, small and quick, only down point being the price.

    I have also tested 2 different nursing pillows the Theraline maternity and nursing pillow and the Boppy pillow, they are both really great and have breast feeding a lot easier, and definitely better on the back!

    Finally, I have testing 3 bottles as well, all three had their similarities to breastfeeding which was great as my little one adapted to them quiet well. The Nuby BPA free Silicon Nurser and Tommy Tippee Closer Nature bottles and breast like teats which was an advantage. The Vital Baby Nuture was different in that the teat was more ‘standard’ looking. I have used the Tommy Tippee for my first a few years ago, and she also liked it.

    I really enjoyed testing all the products, as its made breastfeeding more enjoyable now. I am hoping that I will be able to breastfeed longer this time round, as I have the ‘tools’ to help me stay on track and not give up!

    Thank you again Jessica for giving me the chance to test and also giving me more confidence!


  62. Congratulations on getting through the 2011 M&B awards! At 7 months pregnant I’ve taken note of some of the award winning tried & tested products & will be purchasing a few over the coming weeks! I am certainly interested in trying my hand at testing for this year. (Presuming i am the right height, weight & have the required hair & eye colour!) So please let me know how I can be included in the pool. Many thanks, Rebecca

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