M&B Awards blog: Best breastfeeding products as recommended by you.

Ahead of this year’s National Breastfeeding Week, which will run from 21st – 27th June, seems like a good time to talk about what Mother & Baby testers thought were the best breastfeeding products.

Last year Lansinoh Lanolin won Gold in the Best Breastfeeding category, however when I recently asked my testers – nearly a year on – what product they had thought was the best product they tested; nipple cream was not mentioned at all. Perhaps it is because there is no affection, wonder or surprise in such a basic and necessary product. It is simple; if Lansinoh’s nipple cream does the job, then there is no contest. Phew! Instant relief, and everyone’s forgotten what sore and cracked nipples felt like.

However, I was particularly struck but one product that kept getting mentioned but hadn’t even made it onto the shortlist. Were these mums not scoring it highly enough at the time or is the price too high? Dawn told me: “ I loved the Floppeze pillow, a fantastic product that is useful for many things.” Kate said: “I was lucky to test breastfeeding products last year and absolutely love my Floppeze pillow. I was really surprised to find it hadn’t won an award. This is my 3rd baby and I wish I had discovered it first time.” Carol added, “I was also fortunate enough to test breastfeeding products last year. I loved the Floppeze pillow. It was fantastic and so versatile and all my friends loved it too. I’ve now passed it on but it will be sorely missed. Why it didn’t get an award?”

Floppeze Pillows were originally designed to help Breastfeeding Mums by elevating the baby to the right height for latching on to the breast, promoting the flow of milk and alleviating back strain. Floppeze’ s unique shape lends itself to a multitude of uses making it more than just a Breastfeeding Pillow or support pillow; its unique shape also becomes your child’s friend.

Emma thought it was so brilliant that she blogged about it saying, “I also tested the Floppeze nursing pillow which is my absolute favourite item – I reviewed it in more detail on my blog Mellow Mummy.”

The Medela Swing breast pump won the silver. “I have sung the praise of the Medela Swing to anyone I could. I loved it and would never of tried it had I not tested it. I was really surprised how well it worked for me in the beginning, as most pumps never worked for me,” enthused Krystie.

Lisa endorsed it as a fantastic breastfeeding product: “the Medela Swing pump was fab and I have just started to use it again since having my third baby last month.”  Elaine added, “The most useful as a first time mum was testing the Breastfeeding products and I’m another who raves about the medela swing pump – it saved my sanity and has helped another friend keep going with Breast feeding – I have just dusted it down for the imminent arrival of baby no 3!!”

What great product did you think really should have been a winner?

Breastfeeding, baby bottles or anything to do with baby foods and weaning, I’d love to hear your recommendations here.

16 thoughts on “M&B Awards blog: Best breastfeeding products as recommended by you.

  1. We tested weaning products last year and the Salmon Luke Me feed me feeding bowls were fantastic……….. they were wide, shaped well and very stable which is a must for a baby learning and made things so much easier for my VI son………. we still used thm daily now and they have stood up to a year of toddler battering and the dishwasher lol……….

  2. Medela Swing Pump, cannot praise it enough, my husband always asks me if I’ve secretely got a job with them as I always praise it, forever telling everyone how much easier it made my life..

  3. I’m singing the praises of the medela swing aswell. Fantastic pump, well worth the money and one of my best baby buys!

  4. I had previously purchased the Medela Swing prior to becoming a tester for the first time last year and was incredibly impressed with it. So when I had the opportunity to trial the dual version, the Medela freestyle, I was very excited. The first couple of attempts were a tad forceful until the tips softened, but it has been my absolute lifesaver since. I had to go back to work full time when my little one was only six months … now she is nearly 17 months and every day I have made the time to express at work and am fortunate to be able to keep that bond with her. It only takes 10 mins and is fab. I would never have bought it due to the price if I hadn’t been testing it but I would pay that now for the convenience.

  5. Wish I’d heard about this Medela pump when I had my baby. The one I got was rubbish so I ended up feeding him myself. He’s now 18months old and I’m still feeding him directly as he won’t take milk from any other container. It’s becoming tiring now as hubby can’t help.

  6. I also agree the medela swing is an amazing product!! I had to buy the seperate ‘personal fit’ shield and i was so impressed by the low noise, fast output of this pump! Well worth the money if you are a working mum or like to let sommeone else feed the baby some times. I used mine three times a day for 6 months and it is still working as well as ever!
    My other fave breast feeding product was a bebe au lait nursing cover. I found it so hard to breastfeed discreatly, even though i was breastfeeding my 3rd child! This item was fantastic value, hand bag sized pretty design practical and i fed my daughter in the middle of a car dealership, full of mechanics and salesmen without any one having a clue what i was doing!

  7. I’ve got to say that Lansinoh Lanolin cream was the difference between being able to breastfeed and not. It’s wonderful for cracked nipples and really relieved soreness. In the end I breastfed my little boy for 15 months but I would have given up in the first few months if it wasn’t for Lansinoh. Wonderful stuff!

  8. Lansinoh is a MUST especially in those early days.. We took to BF quite easily and didn’t use too many products, Just the ones i have!! Maybe if i’d of tested i’d of found some useful products.

  9. I had to return to work only 3 months after having my second son yet a year on I’m still breastfeeding him. All thanks to the Medela Swing! The Medela Swing and my Angelcare monitor have definitely been my best baby buys.

  10. I have just had my second baby and now remember just how good lansinoh is and how much difference it makes at the beginning!

  11. I seem to be agreeing with many others when singing the praises of lansinoh – i remeber finding them when rather close to despair with my first child so it was a must when our second arrived this year. I also have to admit that everyone i know who wishes to breast feed – get a little present in the form of a tube in a bow!!! – and the feedback we recieve from friends is wonderful too!!!

  12. my mothercare breastfeeding bras are the best!
    they have survived 3 babies and are still serviceable! they are comfortable and the clips are good
    ive never got on with pumps
    and i used an orthopaedic pillow from our local bedding shop which is the same as a breastfeeding pillow and 1/3 of the price it was great, washable and lots of covers to choose from!

  13. I did not test the Medela Swing pump but because of the reviews from mothers who had tested this item, I purchased this pump and used it for both of my girls. I was able to continue breastfeeding them when I returned to work or when I just wanted to go out and get a bit of my life back. This pump has given me the best of both worlds of being a mom and having some time to myself. The Medela Swing pump is worth every penny.

  14. I had an old Medela pump for my first baby and the breast cup was hard and the motor really noisy. With my second baby I borrowed a Medela Swing from a friend and it was fantastic so much quieter and the soft cup comfortable to use. It may seem expensive but if it keeps you feeding (which saves about £500 in formula in the first year) it’s worth every penny. Also found Lansinoh a life saver in the first few week and recommend it to everyone. Again a around £10 it seems a lot for a little tube but has got me through two babies and worth it. The other thing I found great is the Bebe Au Lait breastfeeding cover. It’s a great way to cover while you’re feeding out with a stiff hoop to keep the cloth off babies face and allow you to have eye contact. It’s also has loads of uses as a burp cloth, sun shade and blanket. I take mine everywhere. Again not cheap but great investment. Lovely present for a first time mum who really wants to feed.

  15. I think Lansinoh is a must buy for all breastfeeding mums. It makes those first few weeks (or months!) so much easier. I would have been lost without it. Like Claire mine lasted me for both my babies and there’s still some left for number 3!

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